Varm & Correia performing at festival Composter

Photo: Valdek Laur
Vene Teater

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Varm & Correia “Natural Frequencies: A Sonic Symbiosis” conceet at festival Composter on November 24 at Vene Teater

Varm & Correia are a duo composed of Taavi Varm (Estonia) and Nuno Correia (Portugal). They aim to combine natural and synthetic sounds into a coherent sonic ambience, evoking places and their stories. Additionally, they aim to stimulate a reflection on the relationship between humans, technology and nature. Their music style can be classified as ambient, in the tradition of artists such as Brian Eno, Alva Noto and The KLF.

In their performance at Composter festival, they will premiere new material alongside tracks from their recent debut EP, “Live at Purekkari Cape”. The new tracks were composed last Summer in Hiiumaa, taking as starting point field recordings from the island. These new compositions will take the audience on a journey through selected locations, atmospheres and stories of Hiiumaa.

Taavi Varm is a media artist and researcher from Tallinn (Estonian Academy of Arts), with a background in performing arts and video art. Nuno Correia is an academic in the field of interaction design (Tallinn University), and a media artist specialising in audiovisual performance.

“Why should artificially generated sounds, created with the help of human technology, be in conflict with nature? According to Varm and Correia, they shouldn’t – they can coexist in harmony. Not synthesis, but symbiosis.” – Sirp review of Varm & Correia performance at Biotoopia 2022 by Valdek Laur.

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