EKA during COVID-19

Instructions for Exiting the Emergency Situation

Below you may find the renewed instructions for the gradual re-opening of the EKA building. As of next week, in addition to the workshops and labs, EKA will open the independent study areas for students in the C-wing. Of course, be careful and follow the 2+2 rule; no more than 10 persons are allowed in any space at one time. In case of smaller rooms, only 50% of their capacity may be filled. All spaces must be pre-booked through your head of curricula.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself and others!

1. Remain prepared for remote theses defences and admissions.

2. The following facilities are open in the EKA building:
– workshops, computer labs, studios and labs;
– technical equipment rental;
– library;
– gallery, access via the Kotzebue street entrance
– cantine for take-away only.

3. The workshops, computer labs, studios and labs have to be pre-booked in the booking app by the heads of curricula. Each room is marked with the number of students allowed per space.

4. EKA building is open from 9am–7pm, beginning from 25 May from 9am–9pm. Access only through the main entrance. The security guard or administrator may check the reasons for entering if needed.

5. Each person entering the building must disinfect his/her hands and continue swiftly to their destination. Everyone must adhere to the 2+2 rule. Maximum 10 persons are allowed in one space at the same time. Smaller spaces where the 2+2 rule cannot be followed, may allow only 50% of room’s capacity.

6. As of 25 May, 2020, all classrooms and spaces that can be booked in ÕIS/SIS are open for use. The responsibility of enforcing the rules described in point 5 lies with the person who booked the space.

7. As of 1 June, 2020, the study spaces in C-wing of the EKA building open for students, but the rules of point 5 must be followed.

8. The employees are recommended to continue working from home until 2 August (to the end of the collective holiday), unless the job requires otherwise.

9. Each EKA employee and student must take responsibility for not causing harm or danger to other employees, students or the university environment. Thus, stay home and consult your general physician even in case of mild signs of illness or if you have been in contact with a COVID-19 infected person.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions with responses about studies during the state of emergency:

Equipment rental and IT-support

How is it ensured students will have access to programs that are necessary for their academic work, such as Photoshop or InDesign?

EKA IT department has applied for extra licenses, please contact your head of curriculum and let them know about your need.

Can we borrow the technical equipment – cameras, lamps, etc?

From 1 April 2020 until the end of the emergency situation, the equipment loan service is open to EKA students who are due to graduate in the spring semester of 2020. To borrow equipment, please visit www.laenutus.artun.ee and choose the necessary equipment from the list, or write to laenutus@artun.ee. If the equipment is available, the request will be forwarded to the head of curriculum and the dean of your faculty for approval. As the number of items is limited and each item is loaned out until the end of the emergency situation, it is necessary to think carefully about what you need and what you don’t, so that the equipment is available to those who really need it. Due to the longer loan period, the loaned equipment has no daily fee. The equipment stock is constantly changing with some equipment being loaned out, so there is no guarantee that the desired items will be available. The equipment is loaned out with the right of recall.

What if I don’t have internet access at home, am ill or am self-isolating?

Please explain your situation to the chair of the crisis committee: triin.krunberg@artun.ee

I’m in my final year of interior architecture studies and use the Rhinoceros application for designing and making models. Is it possible to get a temporary license?

In connection to Rhino, the IT Department will send all students a tutorial on how to install the program on their computers.
In the meantime, please use the 90-day trial version available at: https://www.rhino3d.com/download

Can all EKA employees use Zoom for more than 40 minutes?

Those with a paid Zoom account can hold meetings lasting more than 40 minutes. The time limit does not apply to those invited to the meeting. EKA has not created Zoom accounts for all employees. Licenses have been acquired on an as-needed basis. Please contact the dean of your faculty first to find out if it is possible to use the faculty Zoom account. If not, contact the IT department and tell them why you need the account.

If I have an EKA-affiliated Zoom account, is it normal that it still tells me I got more than 40 minutes as a gift? Or am I logged in incorrectly?

It’s possible that you’re signed in to a wrong account or that this is a temporary issue. If the same thing happens again, please contact the IT department (it@artun.ee)

Remote Studies, Workshop use

Should students follow the schedule on the Study Information System or the one provided by the course supervisor? The classes might overlap when times are changed.

Deans have agreed that the existing timetables will be adhered to. Exceptions may be made by special agreement with all parties.

Will EKA extend the academic year?

Currently, we will attempt to stay on schedule. If the state of emergency continues for a much lengthier time, we will reconsider.

What will happen to the speciality workshops (jewelry, blacksmithing, etc?) And students graduating this semester with work being developed in said workshops?

Your instructors will let you know how this is arranged.

Can I go to school and get the works and equipment that are required for my graduation project?

Please contact a teaching staff member or your head of curriculum, who will let you know if they can pack your things and leave them at the front desk.

Will masterclasses that were cancelled this week be postponed until the end of semester or the autumn semester of the new academic year?

Please consult your head of curriculum.

How will the exams take place? Most of them can be done online, but what would happen to classes like drawing and painting? 

Your course instructors will inform how they will organise the assessment and grading.

Are public lectures held online? Or these digital platforms are directed uniquely towards classes?

EKA is broadcasting video lectures from different lecturers online at artun.ee/avatudloengud

Would EKA consider senior students to participate in E-Learning planning in order to speed up the feedback process?

If you are willing to contribute, please let your head of curriculum or specialty know about your suggestions.

About distant learning: Will the grading criteria be the same? Of course, learning from home and from the professor on the lecture is absolutely different.

Your instructors will decide on the assessment criteria.

Study information is exchanged via email. Is it possible to update information on the Study Information System (or on an alternative platform) and add new information? Currently, I have to keep a separate calendar.

Course supervisors can go to SIS and update their course plans. An alternative document has been created to have a better an overview of the current situation. Teaching staff members and students should jointly decide how they will exchange information for a particular course. It is important to stick to the timetable on both sides.

Is EKA considering extending the semester throughout the summer? If yes, will the summer break be shorter or will classes start later? I’m asking this because of accommodation.

The deadline for submission and approval of assessment protocols for all subjects has been extended to 14 August. For the exact time on when cancelled subjects will be rescheduled, please consult your head of the curriculum, who plans the timetable for these subjects and communicates the information to students.

I was visiting my home country for a few weeks when the number of cases exploded here. I don’t think I can travel back so soon. How can I organise my workshop work?

The EKA building will be closed until at least the end of the emergency situation declared by the Estonian government (currently 1 May). We can open the EKA building for studies once we get approval from the Health Board. Many of the workshops have shown a willingness to help and remotely prepare details for and assist students with their projects.

We we’re supposed to get our semester extended so we could finish our works, as was promised. Why is this still not happening in most workshops?

The grades for the Spring semester must be presented to the Office of Academic Affairs by 14 August, 2020. So, you have time to hand in your works until August, but you must let your head of curriculum know when you intend to present your works.

Discount on extension? Travelled to my country and now I am stuck here. I read flights will likely resume in Jun/Jul, it’s short for workshop work until August

If you are a full-time student, please consult the Academic Affairs, if you are an exchange student, consult Sandra Mell at sandra.mell@artun.ee

Graduation and TASE Show

A final-year fine art MA student asks: how can I graduate when I had planned to make my final project in EKA workshops that are closed indefinitely?

In the academic calendar, 17-19 August is set out for the defence of theses that were not defended by the regular deadline with due cause. This is one of the options for graduating that is currently being discussed.

The final year students of the Department of Accessory Design and Bookbinding will make their projects at school during their respective courses. How is academic work organised during quarantine?

The teaching staff of speciality subjects are adjusting the content and teaching methods to align with remote learning. The course supervisors will inform students about changes in the study plan. The document encompassing all the subjects of this semester will be made available on 22 March. It is clear that not EVERYTHING can be remotely taught. We will do our best to balance out the current circumstances by making the workshops available during summer and the next semester.

Are thesis deadlines will postponed?

No, they ar not as  of yet.

Will graduating be postponed?

At the moment, we are trying to move forward within the regular timetable (in accordance with the academic calendar). We are constantly assessing the situation and taking action accordingly. Our priority is to make sure that the final-year students are able to graduate this semester.

Will the pandemic affect graduates (as well as trainees)?

The graduating students are our priority at this time and we will try to stay on track with their needs and schedule.

How should we plan the presentation of our final projects at TASE (especially students whose speciality entails an exhibition or installation format), if the defence of graduation works will indeed take place this May?

TASE will be held as an online exhibition in the spring, but will grow into a physical exhibition by August.

EKA should consider organising TASE in August after the collective holiday and the MA admissions. The school could start in mid-September. In the 1980s, the academic year started on 1 October.

We are considering all options. Presently, we are moving forward according to the regular academic calendar and aim to have students graduate on time.

Every missed day makes it less likely to get the work done if the student’s MA project depends on getting access to EKA workshops and the equipment therein.

We are trying to find a solution.

A question concerning graduation: is EKA ready to loan out equipment, such as the clay 3D printer, in cases when the practical work directly depends on access to EKA workshops.

Please contact your head of curriculum and workshop manager.

Is the current decision to go ahead with the planned graduation schedule?

We have decided for the time being to stick to the 2019/2020 academic calendar (https://www.artun.ee/en/studies/academic-calendar/).

Has anything been decided on TASE or will we have to wait until the end of March?

TASE will be held as an online exhibition in the spring, but it will grow into a physical exhibition by August.

I was planning to extend my master’s for one more semester but a friend told me that EKA is not allowing this at the moment. Is this true?

It is not possible to submit an application for extension of studies in the middle of the semester. Applications for extension of studies can be submitted on 10-15 August.

What is the difference between defending in June or August? Is it determined by the course supervisor or can you make the decision yourself?

We encourage students to defend their projects in May-June if possible. If it is not possible to complete your thesis and defend it in May-June due to an emergency situation, then the thesis can also be defended in August (17-19 August). We don’t know at present and can’t predict whether the normal way of life will be restored by August (we really hope so!). The worst-case scenario should be considered, just in case. Be sure to also discuss the thesis with your head of curriculum and find a solution.

If defending in August, will the written part of the master’s thesis have to be submitted in May or can it be submitted later?

This must be specified with your head of curriculum.

You said that there is no difference between defending in May or August. If the EKA building is open in August, the defences will probably take place physically, not via the internet?

The August defences will take place in the EKA premises (including spaces rented by EKA), if possible. However, the works must all end up in an online environment. More information on the environment will follow in due time. A suitable solution is currently being sought.

I haven’t been able to work on my final project. I’m losing valuable time and I’m scared I won’t finish my project. Please extend the semester.

Please consult your head of curriculum and discuss the available options.

Please extend the graduation dates. The situation is not getting any better and my work on the thesis is restricted.

Theses can also be defended in August (17-19 August).

Will the graduation ceremony in June be cancelled?

At the moment, there’s an understanding that there will be no graduation ceremony in June.

What if the final projects aren’t quite ready yet? Is it possible to submit unfinished works if I wish to defend my final project in May?

The form of the graduation works and their requirements are specified by the head of curriculum. We recommend that the heads of curriculum make decisions flexibly.

What will happen with the people who are doing their thesis this semester? I can’t really do what I was planning to working from home.

You may have to rethink your plans as this unexpected situation has occurred.

What about the written part of the thesis? No information has been given on the subject.

Please contact your head of curriculum and/or thesis supervisor.

Tuition and Financial Support

Should we pay tuition fee this quarter?

On the 30th of March our Rectorate decided to decrease this semester’s tuition fees by 10%.

It was done because many students are finding themselves in financial difficulties.

Due to that our Financial department sent credit invoices on 30th and 31st of March to these students who had not made payments. Please pay the tuition fees minus these new credit invoices.

Students who already paid for the semester will receive credit invoices in the coming days with the option to either get money back or to leave the amount as prepayment for the Autumn semester.

We will send updated information on how to proceed with payments in the coming days.

I don’t have scholarship and I lost my part-time job, but i still live in in the dormitory. Can Muusa Majutus give discount for the rent?

At the moment dormitory does not give any reduction in rent. We will monitor the situation and if any possibilities arise we will inform.

If we work in the summer, will we still get the 220€ monthly scholarship?

We will review the question with the management and let you know.

Will scholarships still be given to the students even if the school is closed? Result-based, need-based, and DORA?

As long as the studies continue, the scholarships remain in force.

I’d like to know whether school will conceive any help plan for non-Erasmus international students, in terms of living funds, artistic practice and health care.

This topic will be discussed at the next Rectorate meeting.

There are many questions regarding tuition collection.  All these are going to be discussed in the Rectorate meetings and by the Crisis Committee. You will receive information as soon as the principles are worked out.

Will students have to pay if they haven’t completed the required amount of ECTS credits (due to cancelled masterclasses, etc.)?

No fees are collected for ECTS credits that were cancelled or postponed due to the present circumstances.

Do students studying in fee-paying student places have the possibility to apply for a grace period? Will the tuition fees be lowered? (Many students have lost some or all of their income.)

Currently, we will proceed from the assessment that academic work won’t be cancelled this semester. Studying is being done remotely. Workshops and the EKA building will be closed to students until 1 May in accordance with the order of the Republic of Estonia. At the same time, we are working to partially open workshops, with restricted access and following very strict sanitary requirements, if the situation changes.
There are no changes in the payment of tuition fees. The learning service agreements are in force and the student can, in accordance with the agreement, cancel their study or go on an academic leave following the deadlines set out in the agreement.

Will EKA retain the needs-based study allowance?

All study allowances for the academic year will continue.

If you extend the semester, will we get the EUR 220 monthly allowance in the summer? The last month for that is June, but if July comes, I won’t have money for food.

To our knowledge, no changes have been made to the payment of study allowances. We hope that, in cooperation with your head of curriculum, you will find a solution for graduating in June.

Could there be a discount on fees for study extension since the students’ practical work is falling behind due to the inability to use workshops?

Tuition fees: On 30 March, the Rector’s Office decided to reduce the tuition fees for the spring semester by 10%. This is in response to the large number of students who have requested a discount from EKA due to their sharply deteriorated financial situation. Credit notes were sent on 30 and 31 March to students who had not paid their tuition fee by 30 March. Please deduct the amount indicated on the credit note from your spring semester tuition fee. Students who had already paid the invoice for the spring semester study service before the decision to lower the tuition fee was taken will receive credit notes within a week, and they will also have the opportunity to decide whether the overpaid amount will remain as an advance for the autumn semester tuition fee or will be returned to the payer’s bank account. Additional information on how to confirm your preference will be provided in the coming days.
Payment schedule: For students who so wish, we offer four payment terms instead of one for the spring semester study service invoice already issued:
-50% 30 March 2020
-20% 20 April 2020
-20% 20 May 2020
-10% 16 June 2020
Excluding final year students whose payment deadline is 20 May 2020. Please send the reasoned request for a payment schedule to Andres Tammsaar, Director of Finance and Administration, at andres.tammsaar@artun.ee.

I now move the studio set with light into my house because the studio is shut, will there be also any compensation for the electric cost that raised?

EKA will not cover these costs. All students as well as employees are working from home and using their private resources at this time.


Will the MA admission dates be postponed?

No, they won’t be for the time being. If needed, we will apply conditional admission (i.e., BA diplomas can be submitted later if the high-school graduations are postponed due to the circumstances).

Will the state of emergency also potentially affect the timing of entry exams for potential students?

The timetable remains the same in this regard. We will make the necessary adjustments if the need arises.


How can I study if I have kids? I have no free time …

We all need better time management and smart solutions in the current situation.

Could you please add the speakers’ work title so that students would know which department they are from or the areas they are responsible for?

We will keep that in mind next time.

Teaching staff could be encouraged to upload their lectures to a general EKA database: it would also be interesting to listen to lectures I have not signed up for.

This proposition has already been presented to the teaching staff.

Thank you for the informative briefing. Are you planning to continue/develop the format, e.g. as virtual coffee breaks similarly to many companies, to keep up the EKA spirit?

Yes, we are working on it. More information coming soon.

My residence permit expires by the end of the semester; is it still possible to apply for a work-based residence permit or should I leave immediately after the expiry?

EKA’s contact person for these issues is Mari-Liis Siig (mari-liis.siig@artun.ee)

Information on the Police and Border Guard Board website:
Foreign nationals staying in Estonia do not have to leave Estonia if their return to their home country is restricted
Foreign nationals who have a legal basis for staying in Estonia as of 12 March and whose return to their home country is restricted have a legal basis for continuing to stay in Estonia temporarily. There is no need to submit an application regarding the extension of stay to the PBGB or to attend an PGBG service office.
In view of the emergency situation in Estonia, the Police and Border Guard Board has undertaken reorganisation concerning foreign nationals. “In order to ensure that foreign nationals would not have to submit an application regarding the extension of stay to the PBGB one by one, we give them automatic right to continue to stay in Estonia temporarily,” said Liis Valk, advisor of the Identity and Status Bureau of the PBGB.
These foreign nationals whose return to their country of residence is not restricted have to leave Estonia before their basis of stay is expired.
Moreover, all migration proceedings are temporarily suspended as of today’s date – 16 March. “The PBGB is implementing resources to contain the spread of the virus and, therefore, applications for visas, extension of stay, residence permits, rights for stay and the registration of short-term employment are temporarily not being processed. New applications are accepted but no decisions have been taken with respect to them,” said Valk.
The PBGB recommends that applicants hold off on the submission of applications until the emergency situation is over. Applications for visas and residence permits can only be submitted at the PBGB service offices as a last resort. In the case of repeated application for residence permit, it may be submitted by post (Pärnu mnt 139, Tallinn, 15060) or email (ppa@politsei.ee). Applications for short-term employment can be submitted by using the police self-service portal: http://iseteenindus.politsei.ee.
For additional information, please phone 612 3500 (Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00) or email migrationadvice@politsei.ee.

Please post the English translations of info hours in the end as a single text. It’s easier and to follow and to share with classmates that don’t participate.

We will translate the text of the info hour and post the information separately on the webiste. We will also send a weekly briefing of most current updates by e-mail.
The info hour is also available as a recording on live.artun.ee


What will happen to the Erasmus programme? Can I apply to study abroad in the autumn semester?

The current application round closed on 1 March. The Erasmus committee now has to make its decisions. At the moment, everything will continue as planned.
For additional questions or concerns, please contact Sandra-Leena Mell by email or phone. There are two new staff members at the department so its regular operations might be slightly offset.
The Erasmus programme will continue; there are enough funds and nobody will lose their opportunity to study abroad.