COVID-19 Prevention in EKA

Rector Mart Kalm at the EKA 2020 graduation ceremony, wearing a vizor designed by our product design students
Last modified 6 April

Instructions until 25 April

Studies will take place at distance until the end of the spring semester (9 May 2021).

Until 11 April only final year students may enter the EKA building with prior booking to do practical works. Limited amount of workstations can be booked for graduates (list of rooms below).

Between 12.–25. April all students may use certain EKA rooms in the frames of practical coursework.  This applies to only specific workshops, studios, and labs with prior booking and students must spread out. Limited amount of workstations can be booked  in the following workshops, labs, studios and computer labs:

A205 Monumental Painting Studio B510 Bookbinding Studio
A404 Computer Class B511 Accessory Studio
A405 Analogue Darkroom B602 Ceramics Workshop
A407 Computer Class B604 Glass Workshop
B104 Woodworking Shop C101.1 Computer Class
B106 Metalworking Shop C201 Painting Studio
B106.4 Smithy C305 Risograph (GD)
B204 Prototyping Lab C404 3D Lab
B206 Sculpting Studio C408 VR Lab
B304 Scenography Studio D305 Digital Printing
B306 New Media Sound Studio D308 Conservation Studios
B307 Computer Class D308.1 Conservation Lab
B308 New Media Workshop D412 Architectural Conservation
B313 Animation Studio D502 Textile Printing Studio
B404 Photo and Video Studio D503 Knitting Studio
B409 Graphics Studio D505 Weaving Studio
B504 Jewellery Workshop D507 Sewing Studio


The rooms listed above can be booked on Google Drive. The booking rights have been given to workshop employees, heads of curricula and study specialists.  

– The EKA building can be accessed only in justified cases via the main door by ringing the doorbell (only employees’ door cards function).

– Only persons showing no signs of illness may enter the EKA building.
– A protective mask must be worn and sanitary precautions followed in the building; close contact should be avoided.

–  All students may obtain their works and belongings on an ongoing basis.  Please contact your head of curricula to set up the retrieval.

– Visiting staff may conduct their Zoom lessons in the EKA building on condition that a room (incl equipment) is booked and the teaching staff member is in the room alone.  Classrooms are booked by study specialists.

– The workshops that were planned for the week of specialty electives/workshops (15–19 March, 2021) and cannot be conducted from distance, are to be planned for the period of 17 May – 18 June, 2021.

– The spring semester grades must be confirmed by 20 June, 2021 (except for graduating seniors whose evaluation deadline is 19 May, 2021)

– Open Academy courses take place at distance only. 

– Managers should direct employees to home offices if the work permits. 

– The EKA library is closed and books are lent only upon prior reservation. More info:

– Equipment may be rented only upon prior reservation (, the list of equipment can be found

– The gallery is closed.

– The canteen is closed.

In case of contracting COVID-19, please inform the academic affairs Senior Specialist Helen Jürgens immediately ( in order to quickly determine and direct close contacts to self-isolation. 

In general matters regarding the crisis, please write to


The Crisis Committee will monitor the situation and, if necessary, make changes to the instructions.

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