COVID-19 Prevention in EKA

Rector Mart Kalm at the EKA 2020 graduation ceremony, wearing a vizor designed by our product design students
Last modified 13 May

Instructions as of 17 May, 2021 

The Crisis Committee discussed the new Government measures and it was decided to ease directives and open EKA as of 17 May:

– Contact studies resume as of 17 May.

– The building is open to all EKA members and registered guests; the building can only be accessed with the EKA card or by ringing the doorbell.

– Guest registration is required until 27 May via this form.

– Mask wearing is required in all public areas; please wash and disinfect hands and keep distance.

– Rooms may be booked via Tahvel

– The canteen is open Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 15:00 from Monday, 17 May.

– The Library and equipment rental are open

– The EKA Gallery is open, but 50% occupancy measures should be followed.

– The Open Academy may use rooms with 25% occupancy.

– The spring semester grades must be confirmed by 20 June, 2021 (except for graduating seniors whose evaluation deadline is 19 May, 2021)

– All members of EKA can start scheduling international travel from 17 May. Please follow the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on

– Working on the premises of EKA is welcome; employees must discuss  home office options with their direct supervisor.

– The members of the Academy have access to one corona speed test a week, which can be obtained from Head of Facilities, Kaido Kruusamets.

– If you have illness symptoms, it is prohibited to enter the EKA building.

In case of contracting COVID-19, please inform the academic affairs Senior Specialist Helen Jürgens immediately ( in order to quickly determine and direct close contacts to self-isolation. 

In general matters regarding the crisis, please write to

NB! As of Monday, 17 May, COVID-19 vaccines are available to all residents of Estonia, aged 16 and above. For full info, visit:


–  You may tell the psychologist about any of your concerns.  No problem is too small and you may contact the psychologist even if you do not have any worries, but just need to talk to someone.  You can find additional information about the counselling services here.

– During the restrictions, the sessions take place via Zoom.  The counselling is private and confidential and takes about 45 minutes for several sessions.

– The counselling is free of charge for students.  To make an appointment, write to

– –

The Crisis Committee will monitor the situation and, if necessary, make changes to the instructions.

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke

Rector’s Office