MA curricula

MA in Animation 2020/21
QualificationMaster of Arts
Curriculum languageEnglish
Nominal study period2 years
Total volume of studies120 ECTS
Histories in PerspectiveProblems of 20th-21st Century Philosophy
Art and Theory
Design and Theory
Cultural Theory
Visual Literacy
Academic and Self-Expressional SkillsAcademic Writing
Exhibition Analysis
Presentation Techniques
Research Methods
Creative WorkersCreative Industries
Teaching and Mediating
Communication and Managing Processes
SpecialityScript Construction
Film History
Development of Speciality Project
Film Theory
Speciality Project 1
Sound Design
Technical Tendencies of Contemporary Animation
Perception Mechanisms of Visual Media
Critical Analysis of an Animated Film
Interactive Media
Speciality Project 2
Optional SubjectsBasics of Drawing Animation with TVPaint
Aftereffects and Animation Workflow
Optional Subject 6 ECTS
Optional Subject 3 ECTS
Master ClassMaster Class
Master’s ThesisMaster’s Thesis