The Department of  Animation was established at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2006 and since 2007 it has offered a two-year MA in Animation (taught in English) curriculum. The main goal of the programme is to successfully educate creators of animated films, providing them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The further aim is to contribute to the global development of animation as an art form.

Animation is a thriving medium and developing at greater pace than ever before. It has become a part of mass culture as well as one of its principal forms. Animation can be seen in digital screen graphics, computer games, music videos, films, etc.

As our master students come from very different parts of the world and have different educational backgrounds we try to encourage their individual approach to filmmaking. The films vary from narrative to more experimental. Most of the works are executed in traditional 2D or stop motion techniques. Recently we have started to offer more thorough CGI courses as well. We invite several well-known animation artists to give workshops where they offer their inspiration and different approaches to animation.

Upon completion of the MA in Animation programme, students have acquired in-depth theoretical and practical animation skills. Students can specialise in specific animation techniques and create individual projects in the appropriate technique. After graduation, our students are qualified to realise themselves as animated film creators, professionals in creative industries or teachers in their field. Students who have completed the master’s programme are also qualified to continue their studies and pursue a doctoral degree.

The Department of Animation also offers a BA in Animation curriculum in Estonian language.

The classes were amazing. I learned how to tell stories, how to analyse films (not only animation), write scripts. I was fascinated by the teachers. They were professionals, not pedagogues. The programme made me an animation film director. My life has been tied to animation ever since. I also gained a huge circle of contacts, wonderful people I met during the course and after. I always tell people they should study animation in the Master’s programme at EKA if they want to be animation directors. Urte Oettinger MA Animation ‘10 Co-founder of WIRED FLY

News and events

hindamismaraton ajatu 2

Assessment Marathon 01.—22.12.2022 at EKA Gallery

December brings an opportunity to experience, in an exhibition format, works produced by students in the Faculty of Fine Arts as their term projects: every day there will be a fresh crop of university students’ works on display in the gallery. Works in contemporary art, prints, installation, sculpture and painting curricula will be on display. On each morning of the marathon, a new exhibition ...

Theodore Ushev Open Lecture

EKA Animation department invites you to join us on Wednesday (23 Nov.) from 10:30 – 12:00 in our auditorium (A101) for an insightful lecture from world-famous animated film director Theodore Ushev. Theodore Ushev is a Bulgarian-born Canadian filmmaker who has created some of the most iconic animated films of recent decades. At the meeting Ushev introduces his animated world and talks about ...
EKA Anima 2022 in Tartu

EKA Anima 2022 in Tartu

On Friday, 28th of October 6 pm, at Tartu Elektriteater, there will be a screening of EKA animation graduate films “EKA Animation 2022”, showcasing all new films from MA and BA students. Films by: John Francis Quirk, Aspasia Kazeli, Sophia Michele Bazalgette, Lukas Manuel Winter, Jass Kaselaan, Anne Mirjam Kraav, Hleb Kuftseryn, Andrei Bljahhin, Kadi Sink, Ida Lepparu, Sameliina Paurson, Anna ...
International Animation Day

Juku Animation Evenings, 28. October!

2 PM in EKA auditorium presentations of animated projects currently in production  Everyone is welcome to have a peek into how several young authors have reached the phase of production and how far they are, what their joys and concerns are. Presenting:  Mihkel Reha “Top 10 Places to Visit”, Eesti Joonisfilm Liisi Grünberg “Miisufy”, AAA Creative Helen Unt “Someone as Flow”, Undi teod ...

Film awards at EFTA 2022

EKA animation department professors are winners of Estonian Film and Television Awards this year! ‘Til We Meet Again, an animated film directed by Ülo Pikkov  the head of animation department and designed by Anu-Laura Tuttelberg professor at animation department won an award for the Best Animated Film and the Best Film Production Design award at Estonian Film and Television Awards. The film ...

EKA animation visits BLON 2022!

3 alumni of Eesti Kunstiakadeemia / Estonian Academy of Arts animation department (EKA Animatsioon) had a chance to present their films at BLON Animation and Games Festival.  Ida Lepparu‘s “Kraft Paper”, Hleb Kuftseryn‘s “Rejection” and Martinus Klemet‘s “Face Recognition” were screened in the international competition program. In addition ...

Hooray to New Bachelors of Animation!

On the 13th of June, five animation department students defended their bachelor degree. Although 8 of the films screened are visually varied, a common theme of environmental issues and nature prevails. Some films were just freshly baked, others are already travelling in film festivals. Congratulations and wish You many new brilliant ideas! Thank You, dear graduates: Kadi Sink, Andrei ...

Hooray to new masters of animation!

On 8th of June six MA students of the animation department of EKA defended their graduation works. Thank you all for your outstanding films and presentations Aspasia Kazeli, Lukas Winter, Sophia Michele Bazalgette, John F. Quirk, Jass Kaselaan, Anne Mirjam Kraav! We are honoured to have such talented graduates and happy for the 6 brand new and brilliant animated films! Thank you committee ...