The Department of Animation was established at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2006. The first undergraduates started their studies in the fall semester of the same year, and the first graduate students started in 2007. The main goal of the programme is to educate internationally successful creators of animated films, providing them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. And thereby to contribute to the global development of animation as an art form and consolidate the reputation of Estonia in the international cultural landscape as a country with a strong animation school.

Currently, animation is thriving, and developing at a greater pace than ever before. This, primarily, due to the widespread use of the Internet and digital media. Animation has become part of mass culture, and one of its principal forms. Animation can be seen in digital screen graphics, computer games, music videos, films, etc. The basis for any film – including animated film – is the story. The greatest problem in the film world is the lack of good stories. In most of the world’s animation schools students are not taught the art of good story writing. Analysing Hollywood films, and lectures on Aristotelian drama broaden the students’ horizons, but do not help them write scripts for short animated films. In the Department of Animation in EAA the unique script constructing method of prof. Priit Pärn is taught.

Animation is the reality of the future!



News and events

Pearfall_Leonid Shmelkov_still001_2000

“Pearfall” won the Children’s Prize

“Pearfall” (2017) by Leonid Shmelkov won the Children’s Prize inBlack Movie Festival which took place inGenève,Switzerland. The jurywascomposed of 6 kids aged 7 to 9, who gave the prize to “Pearfall”. Leonid Shmelkov is studying animation in EKA. “Pearfall” is his first film in the master studies. The film has been selected in almost 20 festivals in different ...
Toiduahel_Liis Kokk, Mari Kivi_still002_300dpi

EKA animations in TOP 30

Panorama-Cinéma selected EKA students’ animations“Food Chain” (Liis Kokk, Mari Kivi, 2018) and “A Table Game” (Nicolás Petelski, 2017) in the list of the 30 best short films. Last week onlinefilm journal Panorama-Cinéma from Canada published the list of 30 best short films. The list includes live-action shorts and 9 animations. There are 2 Estonian films, both animations made in ...
Pura Vida_Nata Metlukh_still001_300dpi

“Pura Vida” goes to Brussels

Animation film “Pura Vida” (2018) by Nata Metlukh has been selected in The Brussels Animation Film Festival ANIMA in the international student competition. “Pura Vida” has nominated to European Animation Awards “Emile Award” in student’s films category. Nata Metlukh graduated EKA animation department in 2018. “Pura Vida” has been screened in many international animation and film festivals. It ...
Muteum_Aggie Pak Yee Lee_still002_300dpi

“Muteum” won the 3rd prize in Animax Skopje

“Muteum” (2017) by Aggie Pak Yee Lee won the third prize “Bronze Brick” in Macedonian Animation Film Festival “Animax Skopje Fest 2018”. “Muteum” is Lee’s graduation film in EKA department of animation. The film has have great success in international film festivals. It has won 12 awards and got 2 nominations.
Toiduahel_Liis Kokk, Mari Kivi_still004_300dpi

“Food Chain” got the Special Mention in Peru

Puppet film “Food Chain” (2018) by Mari Kivi and Liis Kokk got the special mention in stop motion category in Peru in International Animation Festival Ajayu. Mari Kivi and Liis Kokk graduated EKA department of animation bachelor studies in 2018. Their film “Food Chain” has been selected to many festivals all over the world and also been selected to European Film Forum ...
Sounds Good_Sander Joon_still005_300dpi

“Sounds Good” got the Special Mention in Animateka

“Sounds Good” (2018) by Sander Joon got the Jury special mentions by Luca Tóth in the Eastern and Central European Competition Programme in Animateka International Animated Film Festival in Ljubljana. Luca Tóth: “Playful and fresh approach to a picture that sounds good.” Sander Joon has graduated EKA department of animation bachelor in 2015 and master studies in 2018. His films “Velodrool” ...

Animations by directors who took part in the project Vivaldi Four Seasons – Anna Budanova, Olga&Priit Pärn, Atsushi Wada and Theodor Ushev

The delegation from Geidai Art University (Japan) will visit Estonian Academy of Arts at the beginning of Octobre. There are altogether 9 people: teachers and students from two departments of Geidai. The Department of New Media will be presented by professor Takashi Kiriyama and four former students. The Department of Animation will be presented by professor Koji Yamamura, dean and professor ...

Screening of the animation department

Newest and some oldest BA and MA animations from the EKA animation department will be screened. Kuldrenett | rež Liis Kokk | 03'22'' | 2018 Luul | rež Mari-Leen Üksküla-Eomois | 04'00'' | 2017 La Dolce Vita | rež Henri Veermäe | 05'53'' | 2018 Eluvaim | Anne Mirjam Kraav | 04'10'' | 2017 Clown Follies | Aili Allas | 03'33'' | 2017 Kontakt | rež Mari Kivi | 04'51'' | 2018 5th Round | rež ...