The Department of Animation was established at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2006. The first undergraduates started their studies in the fall semester of the same year, and the first graduate students started in 2007. The main goal of the programme is to educate internationally successful creators of animated films, providing them with theoretical knowledge and practical skills. And thereby to contribute to the global development of animation as an art form and consolidate the reputation of Estonia in the international cultural landscape as a country with a strong animation school.

Currently, animation is thriving, and developing at a greater pace than ever before. This, primarily, due to the widespread use of the Internet and digital media. Animation has become part of mass culture, and one of its principal forms. Animation can be seen in digital screen graphics, computer games, music videos, films, etc. The basis for any film – including animated film – is the story. The greatest problem in the film world is the lack of good stories. In most of the world’s animation schools students are not taught the art of good story writing. Analysing Hollywood films, and lectures on Aristotelian drama broaden the students’ horizons, but do not help them write scripts for short animated films. In the Department of Animation in EAA the unique script constructing method of prof. Priit Pärn is taught.

Animation is the reality of the future!



2 Still from The Spirit of Life
ANIFILM 2018 will take place from the 1st to the 6th of May in the Czech Republic, in Trebon. Three of our student films have been selected for the category of Student Films at ANIFILM 2018: "Eluvaim" by Anne Mirjam Kraav "Hе буди" by Evgeniia Golikova "Ükskord igavuse väljadel" by Teele Strauss Congratulations!!! Read more about the festival here.