BA programme admission information

Animation bachelor programme is taught only in Estonian, admission information can be found here. The minimum level of Estonian language skills must be B2.

MA programme admission information

Click here to begin the application process via DreamApply (for international students). Estonian applicants (and applicants who have Estonian ID-card) can begin their application process via SAIS

The admission deadline for international applicants is March 6, 2023.

Admission interview will be held during the period of 23 March, 2023 

Detailed admission requirements can be found HERE.

General requirements

— Must hold a bachelor’s degree
Be proficient in both spoken and written English.

Application Requirements

Master’s thesis project or vision
Motivational letter
Portfolio– as PDF, some previously animated films or clips can be added as separate files or as an online working link (password included if necessary). The applicant should choose up to 5 best films/ clips and mention the choice in the PDF.       

The admission interview will be an informal conversation based on submitted materials (CV, portfolio, plan for MA work, etc). The applicant will introduce his/her creative activity so far, plan for MA work and views on creating animation and contemporary art. Members of the committee will ask further questions if necessary.

The following aspects are assessed:

— the applicant’s previous creative output based on their CV and portfolio.

— whether the applicant’s opinions and creative approach are suitable within the study environment of the EKA, and in particular the purposes and study methods of the animation curriculum.

— the applicant’s ability to work alone and in a group.

— the applicant’s communication and cooperation skills.

— the applicant’s motivation to study.

Based on the conversation the applicant will get a mark on the scale of 1-10, thereby creating a ranking. The minimum score to be accepted is 4.