EKA Billboard Gallery

Photo: Katrin-Maria Terras

EKA Billboard Gallery is a platform for exhibitions located on the facade of the Estonian Academy of Arts (on Kotzebue street). The exhibitions at the gallery are open around the clock. Find out how to apply and the technical information about the gallery here.


“Imprints of Being” at EKA Billboard Gallery 4.06.–25.08.2024

You are invited to the opening of the "Imprints of Being" — graduation exhibition of the EKA Open Academy's photography course at the EKA Billboard gallery on June 4, 2024 at 6 pm. The exhibition, located at Kotzebue 1, Tallinn, is free and open ...

Cloe Jancis & Ann Pajuväli “beginners” at EKA Billboard Gallery 22.03.–02.06.2024

Cloe Jancis & Ann Pajuväli “beginners” EKA Billboard Gallery 22.03.–02.06.2024 Open 24/7, free Opening: 22.03.2024 at 6 pm A beginner's mindset means ...