Epp Lankots

Epp Lankots is an architectural historian, the head of the Institute of Art History and Visual Culture and a senior researcher. She received her PhD from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2014.

Her main research interests include historiography of architecture, Soviet architecture, material culture and urban planning. She has written about the social differentiation in the Soviet domestic environment and socialist leisure spaces in the context of post-war modernisation.

She is editor-in-chief of “The History of Estonian Urban Planning 1918-2020” together with Triin Ojari (2024) and the curator and author of an exhibition and book “Leisure Spaces. Holidays and Architecture in 20th Century Estonia” (also with Triin Ojari , 2020), for which she received the National Culture Prize. At the Estonian Academy of Arts, she teaches the history of architectural theory as well as art history seminars at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Senior Researcher, Visiting Associate Professor