Johanna Jõekalda

Johanna Jõekalda has studied architecture and urban planning at the Estonian Academy of Arts and Studio Greg Lynn at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. For the past years she has been working on virtual reality and brain tracking experiments. Human spatial perception was also the research topic of her master thesis “Shaping Space by Experience Data” (supervisors Martin Melioranski and PhD. Renee Puusepp). She has presented her work at international architecture exhibitions, multiple Venice Architecture Biennales among others. In 2014 she co-curated the Estonian national pavilion „Interspace“ that speculated on the spatial consequences of a data society (co-curators Siim Tuksam and Johan Tali). She is also one of the authors of the winning curatorial proposal for the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019: “Beauty Matters: the Resurgence of Beauty” (head curator PhD. Yael Reisner). Beside curatorial work Johanna has practiced in Angewandte Innovation Laboratory, supervised the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts and Aalto University, and published several writings on architecture.

Head of the VR Lab, teaching staff, specialist tutor
+372 56252427
C408 (Tue-Fri 13:00-18:00)