Krista Kodres

Krista Kodres is a professor at Institute of art history and visual culture. Her main research topics are history and theory of art research, discourse of art history during the Soviet era, also early modern art and architectural history.

She is the editor in chief of the 7-volume “History of Estonian Art” and published the book “Ilus maja, kaunis ruum” (beautiful house, lovely space, 2001) and “Presenting Oneself. Tallinn’ bourgeois and his dwelling in Early modern period” (2014).

Krista Kodres has been the founder of research on post-reformation era sacral architecture and art and also research on studies on the histographic studies on art history. Among other, she has been the leader of the research project “Historicizing art: Knowledge production in art history in Estonia amidst changing ideologies and disciplinary developments” (2015-2018). Currently she is leading the project “Art Historical Contact Zones: Popular and Fictional Mediations of Art History in Estonia”.

Krista Kodres has been awarded many recognitions, among others the state research award in the field of humanities for the monograph “Presenting Oneself. Tallinn’ bourgeois and his Dwelling in Early Modern Period” in 2014.

At the Estonian Academy of Arts Kodres teaches courses on problems on architecture of the classical period (BA), theory of art history and architectural research (MA), has been the advisor of multiple doctoral theses.