Paco Ulman

Paco Ulman has worked as an architect in several firms (Ars Projekt, AB Kosmos, Arhitektuuriagentuur, Allianss Arhitektid) and in 2013 he co-established Mudel Arhitektid. His best-known projects include the extension of the Hedon Spa in Pärnu in 2014 (with Inga Raukas and Tarmo Teedumäe), the extension of the office building at 11 Niine Street in Tallinn in 2012 (with I.Raukas, T. Teedumäe and Toomas Tammis). In his artistic work, he mostly deals with the issue of space and its representation using various media. His work also includes exhibition design and installations, graphics, short films and animations, graphic novels etc.

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