Renee Puusepp

Renee Puusepp has been a researcher at the Faculty of Architecture since 2013. His research interests include creating and linking dynamic simulations with the means and methods of architecture and design. He also conducts workshops, leads the 3D Lab work and development and supervises the MA studio course with Martin Melioranski.

In 2015, Renee was appointed a senior researcher at the Faculty of Architecture. After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at EKA, he defended his PhD at the University of East London in 2011.

For the realization of practical projects, he founded Slider Studio in 2005 to combine the traditional architectural work with software development. And in order to promote the idea and technology of mass adaptation of architecture, he and his partners established Creatomus Solutions OÜ.

For more information on his thoughts and work, visit his blog

Senior Researcher, Lecturer