Toomas Tammis

Toomas Tammis is an architect and professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Toomas studied architecture at EAA in Tallinn and AA School of Architecture in London and is a founding member and architect of the architectural offices ArhitektuuriAgentuur and Allianss Arhitektid OÜ. He has supervised a master’s studio and 1st year architectural graphics at EAA, participated and organized exhibitions, gave lectures and wrote on architectural education, the changing position and work of an architect and public space as the most open part of the physical world. Among other things, he is currently launching doctoral studies in practice-based architecture at EAA. The most important works include a holiday village in Vamråk, Norway (with Paco Ulman), Spa Hotel in Kuressaare (with Inga Raukas and Tarmo Teedumäe) and several apartment buildings and houses in and around Tallinn.

Professor of Architectural Design, Master's Thesis Supervisor
+372 6420071