Art, collective memory and identities

On the photograph by Viktor Saimre (1975) the “Tehumardi memorial”  authors Matti Varik, Riho Kuld and Allan Murdmaa, 1966.


The research theme looks at the role of art and heritage in shaping and reshaping collective memory and national and other identities. It will also explore the different layers of local heritage that have been valorised or resisted by different communities in different eras, as well as the memory conflicts around heritage. Looking at these questions from a long-term perspective allows us to discuss the colonial dimension of Baltic art and architectural history and the possibilities of its decolonisation. Research activities include artistic interventions, discussion groups, and workshops with researchers from other universities and local communities.

Research projects connected to the theme:

How to reframe monuments (Estonian ministry of culture grant, 2024-2026)


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Posted by Annika Tiko