Eléonore de Montesquiou: Gazette Narva and other works 30. november kell 17

Graafika osakond, Lembitu 10B, ruum 144

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Kolmapäeval, 30. novembril kell 17 räägib oma loomingust kunstnik Eléonore de Montesquiou. Loeng toimub EKA Lembitu 10B majas ruumis 144.

On Wednesday, 30 November at 5 pm there will be an open talk by artist Eléonore de Montesquiou. The talk will take place at the EKA Lembitu 10B building in room no 144.

Eléonore de Montesquiou: “Newspapers were everywhere, in households, in factories, they were part of the daily rhythm. This lasted until…? Recently? There were newspapers published regularly in Narva and there were factory newspapers written by and for Kreenholm workers. Today, Kreenholm has gone bankrupt and Narva’s newspaper has been replaced by “Viru prospect”.

In a film that I made with her in 2010, Dora Grafova told me that “… there was “Little Spark”, the children’s magazine. I could drown you with fifteen and more titles. “Little Spark”, then “Ural Tracker”, “Worker Woman”, “Peasant Woman”, “Soviet Woman”, “Young Naturalist”, and for my son we got “Young Technician”, “Technology for the Young”, “Radio” and “Model Constructor”. So that makes 17 magazines. We got those every month”.

Her words gave me the desire to publish a newspaper about newspapers in Narva. This newspaper is the natural continuation of my work in the region (ATOM CITIES in 2005 and NA GRANE in 2009, both projects consisting in films and books, FOR EXAMPLE FABRIKA in 2010: films and newspaper – Moscou and Narva- and RADIOTHENIKA in 2011 in Riga consisting also in a newspaper and a film).

This short presentation is actually to ask you whether you are interested in making a “new newspaper about newspaper and life” in Narva? Would you like to collaborate with me on this? We need to do a lot: gather more material, work on the archive, conceptualise our “new newspaper”, give it a graphic line, decide when and how often and for whom it is meant.”

Eléonore kutsub üles huvilisi tudengeid kaasa lööma projektis Gazette Narva 

Eléonore is looking for interested students to participate at the Gazette Narva project 

Eléonore de Montesquiou on sündinud 1970. aastal Pariisis, elab ja töötab Berliinis ja Tallinnas. Tema töödele on iseloomulik dokumentaalne lähenemine, mis võtab filmi, joonistuste ja tekstide kuju. 2006. aastal toimus Tallinna Linnagaleriis tema näitus „Aatomilinnad”, mis keskendus Paldiskile ja Sillamäele. Viimastel aastatel on ta uurinud oma loomingu kaudu piirilinna Narvat.

Eléonore de Montesquiou was born in 1970 in Paris, she lives in Berlin and Tallinn. Her work is based on a documentary approach, translated in films, drawings and texts. In 2006 her exhibition Atom Cities took place in the Linnagalerii in Tallinn which concentrated on Paldiski and Sillamäe. In recent years the topic of her artistic research has been the border town Narva.

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