Future Lab: How will creative higher education (teaching/learning) look like in 2045?

EKA ruum B-205

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Dear lecturers, students, academics – you are invited to participate in labs that ponder these questions through creating “future-archives”!

Labs are happening in EKA (Põhja pst 7, Tallinn):

27th of October, Thursday, 2 pm – 6 pm (B-205)


So, how are teaching practices changed by 2045? What kind of new methods and approaches have been embedded? What is the “good old” that has remained? What are teaching philosophies and values? How are things organized in higher art institutes and how does it feel like being a lecturer in those institutes, what brings joy and what frustrates?

Those questions are analysed in the lab through a future studies method called “the future archive”. Each lab has first shorts lectures and discussion parts, in order to kick off future thinking chakras. Then participants start working (alone or in groups) with artefacts that will belong to that future archive, so these artefacts will be created as if in 2045. NB! Although we tend to think about the future in rather optimistic terms, dystopian versions are also very welcomed!

Artefacts that end up in this future archive can be manifestos, found objects, recordings of the performances, GIFs, collages, “someone” notebooks, a smell, a sound, an edible thing – but they all have to tell a story about some aspect in future teaching practices. Every artefact will be accompanied by a label, explaining main features. Each lab ends with a small exhibition and discussion. Participants should be willing to let their artefacts be documented and accept that those documentations will be used further during the FAST45 project.


If future teaching practices speak to you, then please register by October 21:

for the 27.10 lab HERE

For more information please connect with Maarin Ektermann, e-mail maarin.ektermann@artun.ee

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Posted by Kristiina Krabi