Melina Unterhauser at Keskpuur

Keskpuur, Keskturg, II korrus, Tallinn

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Performance “What if there is no place called home” by Melina Unterhauser in Keskpuur on 20th of April from 12.00 to 15.30.

“This I will only tell myself in confidence because it comes from a little part where I don’t go often and there is still a place for you. Come and sit next to my kitchen to hear a story of our past. Follow the unheard story of my grandfather.”

The performance takes place at Keskpuur activating the installation of Inessa Saarits and Liisa-Lota Jõeleht. Melina Unterhauser transforms the installation by inviting audience to have a homemade meal together, the performance explores and questions the overlapping and contradictions of the culture heritage in different countries. Where are the intersections and what isolate us from each other? How to live as a nomad in a new country with a different cultural background?

Unterhauser is interested in involvements of the individuals and groups in society, specifically  in rituals, social movements and political systems. For that she works mostly in installation and performance to combine haptic materials with body movement.

Melina Unterhauser is a German artist based in Karlsruhe and Tallinn. She is currently studying in the installation and sculpture department at the Estonia Academy of Arts for an exchange semester. In Germany she is a student of Ulla von Brandenburg in the Fine Arts Academy of Karlsruhe. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Germany and Italy.

12:00-14:30 Sound installation and preparation of the meal
15:00 Eating together

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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