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Open lecture by Jonathan Keep ‘10 Years of Extrusion Clay Printing’ on EKA TV.

Jonathan Keep, a pioneer in clay 3D printing, will talk about his experience in the field of printing over the past ten years, starting at 1 PM on Thursday, November 26th. 

He began working as a ceramicist in South Africa 30 years ago. He has lived and worked in Suffolk, England since 1986.

Jonathan Keep started working in digital technology at the turn of the century, during his master’s studies at the Royal College of Art. From there on he became interested in the possibilities of clay 3D printing, which was realized in a delta printer built in cooperation with the Belgian design studio Unfold. Since then, he has worked and shared his experience in the field of clay 3D printing in many countries, also via the web.

The first half of the lecture at EKA covers what he has learned on the subject in his travels over the last 10 years.

The second half is more technical as he talks about what he has learned about machines and about extrusion clay printing. In this second part he describes some quite detailed research he has done into the characteristics of different clays when used for printing and research into layer height, nozzle size, clay consistency and printing speed.

The lecture can be rewatched on EKA TV till the end of Thursday.

Organizer: prof Urmas Puhkan, Department of Ceramics

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Posted by Andres Lõo