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Open Lecture

Animation at UMPRUM in Prague

Michaela Režová  

The Department of Animation and Film at the University of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague is the oldest in the Czech Republic, founded in 1951. The department has a rich history and is known for its exploration of formal intersections and experimentation with audiovisual works. In a lecture by Michaela Režová, a filmmaker and studio lecturer, the evolution of the studio’s history over the past 70 years will be discussed, along with the changes in teaching and curriculum. Režová, herself a graduate of the department, is known for her work in the animated documentary genre, with a focus on different forms within that genre. She has collaborated with Czech Radio and worked as a creative director on various projects, including a permanent exhibition at the National Museum in Prague. The lecture will be followed by the screening of short films.


Blood-sweat-tears-love-animation / Animation at UMPRUM in Prague
The Animation and Film Department at the Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design in Prague, established in 1951, holds the distinction of being the oldest in the Czech Republic. While it cherishes and builds upon traditions, the department actively explores formal crossovers and possibilities for experimenting with audiovisual works. Lecture will present 70 years and their transformations. How did the research of the studio’s history unfold? What have we discovered? And what does the teaching and curriculum look like today? This will be presented by Michaela Režová, a filmmaker and lecturer from the studio. In conclusion, a presentation of short films will follow.



Michaela Režová is a filmmaker and director whose work primarily focuses on the genre of animated documentary and its various forms. In 2017, she graduated from UMPRUM with a specialization in animation and film. Her diploma project, the short film Chase (2017), brings to life the glory days of Czechoslovak hockey, exploring both its triumphs and darker moments. In 2018, she collaborated with Czech Radio on the film Gambler. Between 2020 and 2022, she was the curator for the exhibition ANIMATION 70 (celebrating the 70th anniversary of the animation studio at UMPRUM) and also she was the editor of a publication bearing the same name.
As a creative director, she worked on a 360° video for the permanent exhibition History of the 20th Century at the National Museum in Prague and on six films for the exhibition Design and Transformation: Stories of Czech Design 1990-2020. She stands behind the platform which works under the motto “From animators to animators” and brings content from animation world. Currently she is also a lecturer at UMPRUM.


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