Paljassaare pilgrimage, hiking into the (un)known

Visual by Tilde Kirstine Sejersen Platz

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October 22th, 12–16 in Paljassaare.

More info in Urban Studies, Estonian Academy of Arts facebook page:

First year students of Urban Studies have spent half a semester exploring Paljassaare, the strip of land that takes one to the end of Tallinn, to the place where all the waste of the capital city ends up… and where all the high-flying visions of eco-city by the sea are waiting to be fulfilled.

On coming Sunday students will make an interim summary of their studio journey so far and are expecting everyone interested to join them on a four-hour walking trip through the peninsula’s pasts, present and futures, to discover and make sense of today’s Tallinn’s Wild West .

Paljassaare Tilde Kirstine Sejersen Platz
Photo by Tilde Kirstine Sejersen Platz
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Posted by Andres Lõo

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