Pre-review of Britta Benno’s exhibition

Britta Benno. Of Becoming a Land(Scape). Exhibition view. 2022. Photo: Jürgen Vainola
Tartu Art Hall

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The pre-review of Britta Benno’s exhibition Of Becoming a Land(Scape) will take place on 12 February at 14.00 in the Tartu Art House.
Of Becoming a Land(Scape) is the third exhibition of Britta Benno’s artistic doctoral thesis.

The pre-review will be preceded by a presentation by geologist Juho Kirs on minerals, the formation of earth layers and the geology of the post-human future at 13.00.

The thesis supervisor is Dr. Elnara Taidre.
Pre-reviewers of the exhibition are Dr. Elo-Hanna Seljamaa and Dr. Linda Kaljundi.

The exhibition will be open from 22.01-20.02.2022.



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Posted by Irene Hütsi

Doctoral School