Reporting on (In)habitation: final presentations of Urban Studies course

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In a series of seven presentations, the students of Urban Studies showcase their tested experiences and findings of inhabiting several unfamiliar spaces overnight.

★ Larissa Franz/ I Report / short documentary and talk
★ Anna Lihodedova/ Tour of Affordable Living in Tallinn /guided tour
★ Augustinas Viselga/ Dreaming about home/ collage-video
★ Dagmara H. S. Brzeziecka/ My Crib/ tour-performance
★ Jannat Sohail/ Visual Migration in Space/ audio-walk
★ Artun Gürkan Why/ I don’t wanna live with you/lecture
★ Huong Nguyen/ 1FURNITUREFUTURE/ exhibition and talk

Tutors: Keiti Kljavin, Kadri Klementi

How does the space you inhabit curate your behaviour?
How can one’s visual connection with the spatial realm govern their senses?
What is the state of affordable living in Tallinn? How does your environment influence your social behaviour and alter the way you interact? How does a space of dwelling become a space of labour?

Reporting on (In)habitation is a final grading of Estonian Academy of Arts Urban Studies course (In)habitation tutored by Kadri Klementi & Keiti Kljavin, a short showcase of a self experimentation and tested experiences of staying overnight in eight different locations. The event will deal with subjects of architecture, land, housing and justice within different spaces inhabited following an array of works including short documentary, audio-walk, lectures, performance, exhibitions and sound expeditions.
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