Seminar “Michel Sittow in the North and South”

A SELF-PORTRAIT? Michel Sittow "A Young Man in a Red Cap" (1490s)
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The seminar “Michel Sittow in the North and South” will be held on Wednesday, November 23 at 16:00 in EKA room A101.
The seminar is held in English.


Oskar Rojewski, University of Silesia in Katowice, University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid
Michel Sittow’s service to Isabel of Castille (1492-1502) and Habsburgs (1505-1515)

Greta Koppel, Art Museum of Estonia
Michel Sittow in the North? Is there any material evidence to testify his artistic activities?

Anu Mänd, Tallinn University
Michel Sittow in the archival documents of Tallinn

Discussion on Michel Sittow’s legacy will follow.

The focus of the seminar is on the internationally renowned artist Michel Sittow (c. 1469–1525), who was born in Tallinn. Sittow, who was trained in the school of Netherlandish art in Bruges and worked in various European courts, was active as an artist in Tallinn for almost fifteen years. His person and works and the wider cultural context of their creation continue to be of interest to both researchers and the general public. One of the sequels to the extremely popular exhibition at the Kumu Art Museum and National Gallery of Art in Washington (2018) is the research and exhibition project of the Art Museum of Estonia and the Hälsingland Museum in Sweden “Michel Sittow in the North? Altarpieces in dialogue“. Oskar Rojewski, who is visiting EKA within the Transform4Europe partnership, is one of the speakers at the seminar.

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Posted by Maris Veeremäe

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