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In the empty bear cage of the Tallinn Zoo, starting from May 19th, the exhibition “Unbounded Nature” by the glass and ceramics students of the Estonian Academy of Arts can be seen.

On May 18, at 17.00, ten second-year students of the Estonian Academy of Arts will open a joint exhibition “Unbounded Nature” in the old bear cage of the Tallinn Zoo, which raises questions about the natural relationships of living beings with the environment and adaptation to unfamiliar settings. At the same time, the budding artists also investigate the influence of the animal cage as an exhibition venue on the meaning and interpretation of the artworks.

The works in the exhibition deal with the change of human nature at a time when the primordial nature around us is disappearing and artificiality is taking over. Will life lose its natural essence if we begin to manipulate it technologically? Or as Sara Kyllönen, one of the authors, asks with her sculptures: “Is the exploitation of the most innocent creatures a natural part of civilized society, or could it work differently?”

Annali Kruusamägi, Annika Luhaäär, Erko Lill, Helen Tiits, Kätriin Reinart, Laura Stina Parri, Marta Vikentjeva, Sara Kyllönen, Valeria Poljakova and Õnne Paulus will perform at the exhibition. Each of them approaches the topic from their own personal authorial position.

This is how Annika Luhaäär remembers almost extinct sea lilies by making new fossils from them. However, Annali Kruusamägi’s work consisting of a thousand keys explores the abundance of opportunities in our lives and how rarely we take advantage of them.

The exhibition “Limitless nature” is open from May 19 to June 18 every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Entrance with a zoo ticket.

The authors thank the Tallinn Zoo for their welcoming and friendly cooperation. Also tutors Laura Põldu and Kateriin Rikken, EKA’s glass art, ceramics and blacksmithing departments and the Estonian Academy of Arts Student Council and OÜ Kerakot.

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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