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On December 4, EKA Urban Studies students will present the zine “The Cheapest Option”.

Urban Studies students Elena Pusčiūtė, Ishrat Shaheen, Jonas Vyšniauskas, Maria Laura Benduzu Ulluo, Kalina Trajanovska and Kush Badhwar in collaboration with EKA GD students Joao Nogueira and Karthik Palepu release The Cheapest Option, a zine emerging from the semester-long studio Production of Urban Space, guided by Helen Runting and Leonard Ma.

The zine explores how ideas of the non-plan, neoliberalism, markets, cybernetics, and neo-liberal subjects shape our experience of space, explored through forms including city postcards, generic characters, local newspapers, and memes. The event takes place in 501, 5th floor. A limited number of copies of the zines will be available for distribution.

The zine launch will be followed by a presentation from Professor Helena Mattsson on her recent book “Architecture and Retrenchment: Neoliberalization of the Swedish Model across Aesthetics and Space, 1968–1994,” which investigates the relation between architecture and the neoliberalization of the Swedish welfare state.“


13:00-17:00 Urban studies Studio 3 evaluation and zine launch
17:00-19:00 the launch will be followed by a presentation from Professor Helena Mattsson
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