Zody Burke: Queering the Bimbo

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Queering the Bimbo

Recently, we have borne witness to a resurgence of the bimbo archetype within popular culture. Despite its rooting in a non-gendered etymology, the term ‘bimbo’ is understood to be a slur aimed at attractive women who are deemed lascivious; their proclivity inherently paired with stupidity. Visually, the bimbo plays by the rules and expectations of patriarchy; women’s bodies are often the only thing rendered visible among the multitude of their human experience. Contrary to the lack of intelligence implied by the bimbo archetype, however, there are many examples to be seen of cultural figures embodying & using the shortcomings of the archetype to flip the script on contemporary gender discourse. From the failings of neoliberal girlboss feminism to the failings of binary views of womanhood, artists are beginning to utilize the bimbo trope to express a cognitive dissonance underpinning the expectations of femininity (and, by extension, masculinity) in the contemporary sphere.

Within this workshop, we will examine the phenomenon of performing hyperfemininity using cultural case studies and examples in contemporary art. We will discuss hyperfemininity’s capacity-versus-limitations to affect change within uneven hierarchies, and speculate on the bimbo archetype’s potential as a transformative/subversive subject and a conduit for queer/femme empowerment. As the verb form of queer, queering can refer to the act of taking something and looking at it through a lens that makes it strange or troubles it in some way. Can the bimbo be queered? Is this already happening?

Following the presentation and an open discussion, Zody Burke will guide a workshop using epoxy clay, for participants to create personal artworks. The participants will be guided to work with the medium that the artist often uses in her own works. The same materials are used in her installation at the Photo month´s main exhibition, Trance.

The workshop is limited to 12 participants, so we encourage you to register quickly to make sure you get a spot. The registration form can be found here: https://forms.gle/S3PyjvSWyAsAS1CDA

12.11 at 14.00 in Lasnamäe Pavilion

Discussion part at 14:00

Workshop part: 15:30

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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