• Accessory Studio B.510
  • Bookbinding Studio B.511

Accessory Studio B.510

  • Computers (PC and iPad) Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Copier and Scanner (A4) Printers (A4 and A3)
  • LED Light Pad (A3)
  • Camera Canon EOS, studio lighting, projector, TV
  • Thick material cutter
  • Post Bed Sewing Machine (Pfaff 1295) – INSTRUCTION
  • Post Bed Sewing Machine with driven feed wheel (Typical 571) – INSTRUCTION
  • Cylinder-Bed Machines
    Metro Spezial 9345
    Typical GC2263 – INSTRUCTION
    Pfaff 335 – INSTRUCTION
  • Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine (Typical GC2263) – INSTRUCTION
  • Shoe repair machine (Hardo Ideal Combi 115 b) – INSTRUCTION
  • Shoe press (Lavardo NGL1) – INSTRUCTION
  • Skiving machine (Fav AV2) – INSTRUCTION
  • Rivet and eyelet equipment
    Rivet press – INSTRUCTION
    Grommet press – INSTRUCTION
    Snap press – INSTRUCTION
  • Air compressor (Herkules)
  • Leather cutter
  • Lasting posts
  • Hot air gun

In the Accessory Studio, accessory-related subjects are taught, where students can gain basic knowledge of shoe technology, bag technology, materials, leatherworking techniques, and machines. In addition, specialized projects are carried out in the accessory studio, which deal with headwear and gloves.

The studio has a specialized library where you can familiarize yourself with the latest issues of Collezioni Accessori magazine, the latest (Brunner) leather samples, and trade show materials. Students can use six mannequin torsos and a selection of different shoe lasts. Students have the opportunity to purchase leather from the accessory and binding design material store for their specialized projects at cost.

During non-lecture hours, the studio is open to students for independent work. Machines are used for teaching purposes. Those outside the department who wish to use the facilities must contact the workshop master and agree on the conditions of use.

Bookbinding Studio B.511:

  • Creasing and Perforating machine
  • Binding puncher
  • Hot printing press
  • Cardboard scissors
  • Guillotine
  • Paper Drill and Hole Puncher
  • Laminator
  • Stapler
  • Ring Binders & Binding Rings
  • Letterpress Letters & Numbers

The Bookbinding Studio contains the necessary equipment for processing papers, cardboards, and leather, as well as for binding prints (paper cutter, book block guillotine, presses, wire comb binder, saddle stitcher, paper drill, folding machine and perforator), tools, glues, and paints.

For printing, the Opus Coldcover hot press (with typeface and stamp/cliché) can be used. There is also the possibility of embossing and stamping.