Doctoral studies

Estonian Academy of Arts offers higher education in nearly thirty disciplines, many of which can be obtained in a three-stage higher education only at EKA. In order for art to function meaningfully in society, it must be contextualized and understood. Doctoral studies provide an opportunity for such analysis of art.

The doctoral programme in art and design predominantly  focuses on creative research, where the artist or designer generates new knowledge and cultural forms, methods of creation and research through creative processes. EKA has been one of the initiatiors of the field of creative research framework. It has been gaining worldwide momentum in recent decades, combining research and creative practices, broadening the horizons of research and the perspectives of design at large. You can find out more about the doctoral programme and its conditions HERE.

The doctoral programme has a nominal duration of four years and follows three models:

– Doctoral student – Junior researcher

– Doctoral student – Undergraduate

– Doctoral student in knowledge transfer