The first students were accepted in the PhD programme at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1995. The first doctoral theses were defended in the same year by external students (see the defended theses). In 2002, the curricula for architecture, art history, as well as cultural heritage and restoration were accredited.

In 2005, the Doctoral School was established at the Estonian Academy of Arts and a New Media and Design curriculum was added (since 2007, the Art and Design curriculum).

The decision-making bodies for the EAA doctoral studies and research in general are the board of the Doctoral School and the EAA Research Council.


News and events


Pre-reviewing of Taavet Jansen’s project „Hundid/Wolves“

On Friday, June 4th at 16.00, pre-reviewing of Art and Design programme PhD student Taavet Jansen’s project „Hundid/Wolves” will take place via Zoom. Link HERE Project is part of the artistic (practice-based) doctoral thesis of Taavet Jansen. Supervisor – Dr Anu Allas Pre-reviewers of the exhibition: Peeter Jalakas and Dr Raivo Kelomees Project „Hundid/Wolves“ took place on May ...

Pre-reviewing of Dila Demir’s design case-study

Pre-reviewing of Art and Design PhD student Dila Demir’s first design case-study “SQUEAKY/PAIN” will take place via Zoom on Friday, May 14th at 15.00. Case-study “SQUEAKY/PAIN” is part of the artistic doctoral thesis of Dila Demir. Please register for the pre-reviewing HERE Peer Reviewers: Dr. Danielle Wilde and Dr. Claudia Núñez-Pacheco Supervisors: Dr. Nithikul Nimkulrat and Dr. Kristi ...

Dear student, a grand ambitious cooperation project is waiting for you!

Come on, let’s make mobility more convenient! EKA will start mapping in autumn how the university interacts with Erasmus students as part of the Transform4Europe project. We want to understand how convenient it is to go to another school to find accommodation and get a student card with the necessary access. This is a joint project with universities: Saarland University (Germany), The ...
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Conference of EKA Doctoral School

The annual Conference of EKA Doctoral School will take place on April 15th, 2021. Performers, discussants and moderators will participate via ZOOM, all other participants are welcome to follow the conference via EKA TV https://tv.artun.ee/eka.  Viewers are welcome to ask questions via the link under the EKA TV broadcast window. Please register by April 13th at the latest. Conference is ...

KTKDK Seminar “Situated Writing”

Situated Writing as Theory and Method – Or Why Don’t You Write a Novella Instead of an Article? Lecturer: Prof Mona Livholts 22-23 April 10.00-15.00 Registration fo PhD students HERE: Registration is open until March 15. How can we create spaces for writing and language in the academic world that are inclusive to diverse ways of knowing and life forms, textually, materially and visually? This ...

Siim Tuksam “Modulated Modularity – from mass customisation to custom mass production” (Dissertationes 33)

Siim Tuksam, PhD student of the Estonian Academy of Arts, curriculum of Architecture and Urban Planning, defended his thesis „Modulated Modularity – from mass customisation to custom mass production“ („Moduleeritud modulaarsus – masskohandamisest kohandatud masstootmiseni“) on the 22nd of December 2020. The digitalisation of the construction industry is in full swing. The infrastructure for ...

Sille Pihlak “Prototyping Protocols, Protocolling Prototypes: a methodological development of somatic modularity for algorithmic timber architecture in Estonian context” (Dissertationes 32)

Sille Pihlak, PhD student of the Estonian Academy of Arts, curriculum of Architecture and Urban Planning, defended her thesis “Prototyping Protocols, Protocolling Prototypes: A Methodological Development of Somatic Modularity for Algorithmic Timber Architecture in Estonian Context” („Prototüüpides protokolle, protokollides prototüüpe: Somaatilise modulaarsuse metodoloogia kujunemine ...

Ingrid Ruudi “Spaces of the Interregnum. Transformations in Estonian Architecture and Art, 1986–1994” (Dissertationes 31)

Ingrid Ruudi, PhD student of the Estonian Academy of Arts, curriculum of Art History and Visual Culture, defended her thesis Spaces of the Interregnum. Transformations in Estonian Architecture and Art, 1986–1994 („Ruumiline interreegnum. Muutused Eesti arhitektuuris ja kunstis 1986–1994“) on the 18th of December 2020. Conventionally, the Estonian architecture history tends to address the late ...

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Liina Unt

Head of the Art and Design PhD curriculum
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Head of the Doctoral School
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Elika Kiilo-Kulpsoo

Coordinator of Doctoral Studies
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Mobile: (+372) 53 068 909
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