The first students were accepted in the PhD programme at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1995. The first doctoral theses were defended at the Academy in the same year. In 2002, the curricula for architecture, art history, as well as cultural heritage and restoration were accredited.

In 2005, the Doctoral School was established at the Estonian Academy of Arts and a new media and design curricula was added (since 2007, the Art and Design programme).

The Academy’s Doctoral School is headed up by prof dr Krista Kodres and the board of the Doctoral School is the decision-making body. It is comprised of the members of the Academy’s Research Council: prof dr Krista Kodres (head of the Doctoral School and head of Art History curricula); dr Liina Unt (head of Art and Design curricula); associate prof Anneli Randla (head of Cultural Heritage and Conservation curricula), dr Veronika Valk (head of Architecture and Urban Planning curricula) as well as Rait Rosin, who represents PhD students.  



Krista Kodres

Head of the Doctoral School
E-mail: krista.kodres@artun.ee
Meetings by appointment

Elika Kiilo

Coordinator of Doctoral Studies

E-mail: elika.kiilo@artun.ee

Mobile: 53 068 909
Estonia pst 7, room 535

Office hours: Mon, Thu 10.00-15.30

Liina Unt 

Head of Art and Design PhD curriculum
E-mail: liina.unt@artun.ee