Doctoral studies in Art and Design is based on creative research that critically applies the author’s knowledge and methodology of creative practice to interdisciplinary research. Topics include contemporary art technologies, practices and strategies; art, design and entrepreneurship in sustainable development, design and applied arts technologies, practices and strategies.
The nominal duration of doctoral studies is four years. The studies will focus on a research project culminating in a public defence and will be supported by general studies, specialised studies and electives.
The creative work of artists and designers plays an important role in creative research.

More information about the rules and organisation of PhD studies in EKA you can find HERE.

Research topic areas in 2024/25

– Art/design, society and digitalization
– Figurative and metaphorical thinking in artistic practice
– Expanded scenography
– Gender studies through artistic practice
– Ecocriticism in contemporary art
– Art and public-social space
– Sustainable design and development of biomaterials
– Sensorial design, smart textiles
– Social design, especially healthcare design
– Meaning-making through design, crafts and applied arts
– Innovation through design, crafts and applied arts

Organisation of Studies

The PhD studies comprise the third stage of higher education and applicants must have a master’s degree or corresponding qualification in a PhD programme speciality, or a closely related speciality. The standard period of study is four years and the curriculum calls for the completion of 240 ECTS (including PhD thesis 180 ECTS).

At the start of the PhD studies, the emphasis is placed on general and elective subjects including scientific-methodological, philosophical and general subjects; the PhD students can also choose subjects from outside the Academy’s Doctoral School. The specialised studies intensify the doctoral candidate’s knowledge in the theory, history and methods of the speciality and support research.

The PhD thesis is an independent research, developmental or creative work which presents an original approach to an important problem in the specific field of research.

In Art and Design the focus is on practice-based and practice-led research. A practice-oriented doctoral thesis includes three independent creative projects that support, open and/or explicate the academic research.

The defense of the PhD thesis completes the doctoral studies. Those who have completed the PhD curriculum and defended their doctoral thesis acquire doctorates, are issued diplomas and academic records, along with English-language supplements to their diplomas.