About the Programme


The sculpture and installation major offers an opportunity to engage in an in-depth study of artistic practices related to space, form and volume. The curriculum of the major has been prepared with practical skills, coherent knowledge and creative process orientation in mind.

The mindset

In the specialty of sculpture and installation, teaching is approached holistically. It is not only the technical skills or just the idea that is important, but how they achieve the overall artistic effect as a final result. Therefore, the main focus is on the process during which the idea and finding a material form for it support each other in interaction. The study takes place both in the form of group work and individual study. Working in small groups supports active reflection, an individual approach supports more nuanced work on a specific idea or project. An important and valuable part of teaching is the student’s activity and initiative.

How learning happens

Studying in the field of installation and sculpture takes place by course. Each semester, specialist projects are supervised by faculty members of the department and artists working in their field invited from outside EKA. Instructors of specialty courses conduct courses based on their own art practice and experience, which always ensures a fresh and versatile approach to teaching the specialty. In general, the student is guided from simpler to more complex tasks according to the structure of the curriculum by year. The studies as a whole are characterized by multi- and interdisciplinarity, process-based and orientation towards linking theoretical knowledge and practical skills as an independent and thinking young artist.