Three years of bachelor’s study includes specialized projects, support subjects, electives, theory and practice for a total of 180 credits. Professional basic knowledge and basic skills are acquired, which support further independent art practice. The study focuses on contemporary practices of sculpture and installation art.

– The study form of the department is mostly project-based. This means that teaching takes place according to the curriculum, which stipulates where, when and what is taught, but the answer to the question of how to approach one or another creative task is left to the student to choose.

– An important part of the study is the dialogue between students and teachers, analysis and friendly criticism.

– The purpose of the study is to provide as broad an overview as possible of the practices and theory of contemporary sculpture and installation art, which coherently form the basis of individual art practice and independent creative activity.

– The department expects a dedicated focus on studies, friendliness, open attitude and intellectual curiosity from the young artist.

Graduates of bachelor’s studies have the opportunity to continue their studies in master’s studies.

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More information –  Curriculum: Fine Arts (BA)