1st year

  • 1st semester: introduction to installation and sculpture; creative assignments; short course in modelling. 
  • 2nd semester: three specialised courses – specialised in-depth project; studio course, contemporary analysis of various materials. 

2nd year

  • 1st semester:  public space art, minimalism and spatial practices, technology-based workshop.
  • 2nd semester: media and material, specialised project – individual creative assignment. Modelling and 3D modelling, kinetic sculpture as electives. 

3rd year 

  • 1st semester: video installation, conceptual artist master class, light and sound. 
  • 2nd semester: project in an exhibition hall – conceptual object. Social research project – installation and expanded medium (photography, painting). Various electives, marathon course in material technology. 


  • 1st semester: suunaprojekt (post-production, social project, museum project)
  • 2nd semester: suunaprojekt (individual research project, site-specific work)  
  • 3rd semester: suunaprojekt (time machines, text-based work, individual assignment) 

What jobs will be available after I graduate?

  • Contemporary artist: exhibitions in galleries and contemporary art museums, art fairs, biennials 
  • Public space artist: participation in sculpture competition and public procurements 
  • Individual commissions 

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