The installation and sculpture department is a challenge for young artists who wish to participate in contemporary art practices to the fullest extent – the command of spaces and objects is the an extremely important tool in the art field.
 contemporary art, sculpture is a good provocation already as a concept – this is a category that has radically expanded during the last few decades and which comprises so many contemporary art practices that the concept seems to be unloosing everything that holds it together.
Ideally, the students that apply to study in the department realise that they have their own debate to conduct with this concept. The installation and sculpture department is welcomes experimenting and daring art students who think on a broad scale. Prior experience related to sculpture is not required or necessary.

  • The installation and sculpture department provides future artists with a strong platform in three-dimensional space practices. Conceptual space- and site-specific objects are dealt with, and importance is placed on material as a message carrier. The courses focus on contemporary art, with the following keywords: conceptualism, material practices, video installation, sound installation, light installation, land art, minimalism, post-production, art and monuments in the public space, social art practices, exploratory art discourse, the relationship between space-object-material in photography and painting, as well as the fundamental skills in modelling and the command of various techniques. 
  • The department supports its students and expects the young artists to be dedicated and collaborative. Great attention to paid to the development of an individual artist’s style and perception of one’s author’s position, as well as on a receptive approach with the uninhibited treatment of ideas and clear interpretation of concepts. It is important to be familiar with contemporary art theory, aware of the technical possibilities and to exercise a strong individual single-mindedness in the practice of one’s creativity.   
  • Installation and sculpture are the mediums that command the greatest field of influence in contemporary art, and which create a path of young artists leading them to galleries, museums, but also urban spaces, monument competitions, and social interiors.

News and events


“(re)constructed Points of View” by Taavi Talve

Taavi Talve’s (Associate Professor, Chair of Installation and Sculpture in EKA) personal exhibition (re)constructed points of view will be open in Draakon gallery since Wednesday, April 6th, 2022. Finissage of the exhibition will take place at 8pm on April 29th. There is no evidence in the structural logic of the filmstrip that distinguishes footage from a finished work. Thus, any piece ...

EKA “Open Windows” 2022 Exhibition

The exhibition “Open Windows” will reopen on the windows of the Library of EKA on February 21, at 4 pm. Through the exhibition of EKA windows, different specialities of EKA introduce their most outstanding projects and the latest creations of students. The exhibition can be viewed on the windows of the EKA Library on Põhja pst and Kotzebue streets and will remain open until March 14. ...
Junny Yeung_foto Taavi Piibemann2

Junny Yeung is the Winner of the Young Sculptor Award 2022

The winner of the Young Sculptor Award 2022 is Junny Yeung, a master's student of contemporary art at EKA. 2nd place went to Zody Burke and 3rd to Katariin Mudist. As part of this year's jury, Edith Karlson, Laura Põld, Marten Esko, Anu Vahtra and Johannes Säre highlighted Junny Yeung's winning ability to tell a story, combined with elegantly drawn details and the author's ability to create a ...
Noore Skulptori Preemianäitus

Young Sculptor Award Exhibition 2022

The Young Sculptor Award Exhibition 2022, organized by the Department of Sculpture and Installation of the Estonian Academy of Arts, will be opened in the ARS Project Room on Thursday, February 17 at 4 pm. The aim of the Young Sculptor Award and the accompanying exhibition, which has been awarded since 2012, is to highlight and recognize the professional activities of young artists engaged in ...

“Kratts” exhibition at Infinite Life Gallery

Jonathan Stavleu, Ged Proost and Jonas Morgenthaler, masters and a student of Installation and Sculpture Department at the Estonian Academy of Arts, will open the exhibition “Kratts” at ARS Infinite Life Gallery on November 6th at 6 PM. "Kratt is not a fairy, it is a human handiwork. Things are used for this variety, mostly old and the ones that the maker can most easily obtain. Attempts are ...

Border as a Place Takes Place

The KUNO intensive course “Border as a Place” brings together young artists from Iceland, Norway and Estonia in the Narva Art Residency of EKA from 5th to 12th of August. The historically diverse industrial city of Narva marks the border between Estonia and Russia and is also the significant eastern border of the European Union. The different ...


21/09/16 - 21/10/16 Raja Gallerii, Tallinn An exhibition of sculptures and things by James Prevett. This is the first presentation of James’ work in Estonia. James will introduce give a short artist talk at 18.00 before the opening. Welcome. 'I accidentally went to a fortune teller about 15 years ago in Thailand. She was known to be the best in the North of Thailand. Being a sceptic, I was ...