The program is taught by a team of experienced mentors:

Amid Moradganjeh is the Lead Associate Professor of Interaction Design Program. Previously a designer at IDEO, Google and Microsoft, Amid is primarily passionate about developing human-oriented approaches to advance design innovation. Amid has completed MA in Interaction Design program from Umea Institute of Design in Sweden.

Tanel Kärp‘s special interest lies in non-profit and community-oriented projects studied graphic design at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and an MA (with honours) in Design and Development of Virtual Environments from the University of Tartu in Estonia. Tanel is one of the creators of Hooandja (an Estonian crowdfunding platform) and the Let’s Do It global garbage cleanup project.

In addition, our students are guided by industry experts from both Estonia and abroad. Some of them include:

  • Seisho Sumida – Designer, Frog Design
  • Tatiana Mamaeva – Lead UX Designer, WATTx
  • Mikko Pitkänen – Senior UX and Service Designer, Digitalist Group
  • Joao Rei – Strategist, IDEA Group
  • Johan Van Looveren – Info designer, LUCA School of Arts
  • Riina Raudne – Communications expert, Akkadian
  • Kristjan Jansen – UX teacher, IxD designer, ex-Skype
  • Joosep Volk – Founder & creative director, TOLM
  • Kevin Crepin – Designer, DUX
  • Kristian Lember – UX designer, DUX
  • Kaspar Roost – UX team leader, Swedbank Baltic
  • Stefan Hiienum – Design lead, Thorgate
  • Uku Küttis – Partner, AKU
  • Keit Ein – UX designer and researcher, FLUX
  • Rene Rebane – Senior UX architect, Trinidad Wiseman
  • Halina Mugame – UX Designer
  • Anna Jõgi – Developer and hacker, Wunder
  • Liisi Mölder – Video professional
  • Marko Uibo – Anthropologist, RAK
  • Helleka Koppel – Anthropologist, RAK
  • Janno Siimar – Design lead and partner, Velvet
  • Dan Mikkin – Design lead and partner, Brand Manual
  • Helen Kokk – UX lead, Nortal
  • Mart Kikas – Senior innovation coach, Academy of Innovation Coaching