Tuition per year: 2900 EUR

For additional information regarding admission, please contact For more information about the IxD programme, contact Kristjan Mändmaa at or +372 52 51 954.

  • Online application process for Estonian students: June 19.–29, 2017: click here 
    (Application process for foreign students has ended for this year. Apply again in spring of 2018!)
  • Application
    Estonian students: submitted through SAIS (June 19.–29., 2017)
  • 50€ application fee
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Official transcript of records 
  • Proof of English proficiency (excluding persons whose previous studies were conducted in English): English Language State Exam of Estonia: min B2; TOEFL ITP: min 510; TOEFL iBT: min 70; IELTS: min 5,5; FCE: min C; CAE/CPE: min C; EN language test conducted by any language company of Estonia: min B2; English language test conducted by a language centre of an Estonian university: min B2.
  • Copy of the data page of your passport or ID card
  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • Motivational letter
  • Admission assignment
  • Interview


Applicant’s CV should contain following information:

  • Personal and contact information about the student candidate.
  • Overview of candidate’s education. Candidate’s higher educational facility, field of study, degree earned and the theme of the graduation work/project should be highlighted.
  • Work experience, including name of the employer, the job title and description of the candidate’s responsibilities at any listed job.
  • Language skills
  • Computer and software skills
  • Other general activities, hobbies, interests.


  • Your digital portfolio should contain 5-20 samples of work, showing applicant’s past and present experience, and professional capabilities. Design projects, web projects, articles, abstracts of scientific work, short descriptions of business and development projects, etc. can be included.
  • Each project should be shortly described (in 10-50 words). In case of team projects, applicant’s contribution should be clearly stated.
  • The portfolio should be presented as an active web portfolio or in PDF-format.
  • In case of PDF, the file size must not exceed 20 MB. Feel free to use any file download service (WeTransfer, DropBox, etc) sending the portfolio.
  • If you add web links into your portfolio (pointing to web projects, articles, etc.) please make sure the links actually work.
  • For an active web portfolio, please make sure to provide us with a correct web address.
  • To submit your portfolio, please send its web address or download link by June 29. 2017 to

Evaluating the portfolio the following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Relevance of applicant’s works towards the content of the MA course (50%)
  • The extent and quality of the applicant’s work experience (25%)
  • Presentation skills (25%)


A short essay should be digitally presented (in English, maximum 4600 letters including spaces) elaborating on following themes:

a) How do you see the present and the future of interaction design, and how do you see your role in this.

b) What do you hope to learn during the Master’s Program?

c) What would you like to do after the completion of your studies?

Evaluating the essay the following criteria will be taken into account:

– Relevance of applicant’s thoughts towards the content of the MA course (40%)

– Skills of written analysis and argumentation (40%)

– Skills of written English language (20%)


  • Based on applicant’s portfolio, motivational letter and the required set of documents the eligible candidates will receive an admission assignment. The assignment (a description of a problem) will be sent to the applicants via e-mail by an agreed-upon time and is to be completed in one hour. Solution to the problem may be presented in the form of a text and/or images. In case of images, an explanatory text must be added. Applicants who complete the assignment successfully will be invited to the interview.

    Evaluating the admission assignment the following criteria will be taken into account:

    – Relevance of the solution towards the content of the MA course (50%)

    – Novelty and innovativeness of the solution (25%)

    – Presentation skills (25%)


  • The interview will be conducted on May 3.–7. 2017 in real time via Internet (Skype). The exact interview time for each applicant will be announced to him/her via e-mail and SMS.
  • The exam board will ask additional questions of the applicant based on the presented documents, the portfolio, the motivation letter and the admission assignment. The questions may also refer to candidate’s work experience, etc. Applicant’s motivation and knowledge of the general matters of interaction design will be tested.

Evaluating the interview the following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Relevance of applicant’s answers towards the content of the MA course (50%)
  • Knowledge of the field of software product development (10%)
  • Skills of verbal expression and argumentation (40%)


  • The admission deadline: June 29. 2017
  • Online assignment: July 3.-7. 2017 
  • Interviews: July 3.-7. 2017
  • Admissions for all students will be announced no later than July 11. 2017
  • Declining or accepting studies must be stated no later than July 17. 2017
  • Contracts with students must be signed by August 21. 2017
  • Time for appeals until July 14. 2017

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Helen Kärner-Gavrilin

Helen Kärner-Gavrilin