ANNI KIVISTO 2016 collection AMAZIGH

„Amazigh“ is inspired by a North African ethnic group called Amazigh. The women of this group are known as female rebels. They are acting against female stereotypes, which is why their looks symbol- ize strength and ethnical identity. Combining the women of Amazigh with the First World protesting and independent female groups, a miraculous symbiosis and harmony is created. The kind that is not found in the context of the world’s current state.

This collection is telling a story about the collision of two different cultures, focusing on female groups of people, who are against the norms put together by the society. Still, they stubbornly carry on old traditions, because they know that the impelling force is hidden there.
Carpet weaving – one the most important handicraft technique of Northern Africa is thoroughly used in the collection.
All of the items made in weaving technique are 100% hand made. 

Tutors: Piret Pupart, Margarita Teeääre 

Photos: Virge Viertek     MUAH: Ellen Walge 

Model: Anette Maria Eelmäe   Jewellery: Maria Kahnwailer 

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Posted by Marit Ahven