HULA 2016 collection EGO

HULA EGO collection is designed for people who would like to define their ego. Inspiration has taken from rehab-center uniforms and elements. Main design elements are asymmetry and multifuncionality that help define the medium itself moving through life difficulties and change. Demand for attention and outstanding precence in order to feel important. Designprocess as therapy, with ironic and humorous elements.

The red line is a connecting feature of the collection and main accents is a silkprinted fabric, which is a collaborations work of authors with therapeutic patterns and positive energy.

Collection colours are chosen by authors with their own EGO colors: saffron, sky blue, black, lime green and white.  

EGO Designers: Anu Rieberg, Anni Kivisto, Teele Koel, Sigrid Järv, Elisabetta Silvesteri, Karolina Janulevičiute

Supervisors: Marit Ahven, Margarita Teeääre

Photos/ styling : Anu Rieberg

Models: Erik Riis, Ele Rieberg

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Posted by Marit Ahven