Supervisors: Sille Pihlak, Kärt Ojavee, Marit Ahven

KEHAM project gives overview of concept and methodology in contemporary organic architecture, with focus on the relation between body and space.

The project analyses similarities in fashion and architecture by using biological form as source and multiplying its’ details with the support of digital space geometry production in Rhinoceros 3D program.

Important part of the project was to introduce future materials and their possible manipulation techniques during the course of the project, including laser cut (textile, polymers, wood etc), hot press (bonding, welding) and 3D printing (PLA, ABS).

The final task was to create a 3D geometry, that is based on the biological inspiration source and contextualised material experiments and out of which 1 outfit was created and presented during the exhibition called “Keham”.

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke