MARILIIS NIINE 2016 collection LEg GOdt

Collection LEg GOdt

“LEg GOdt” formed from the Danish words means “play well” and “I put together.” My story is about squad girls who try to put together their own paths through different cultures and eras. It is a story of duplicity where people “play well” cool act around others.
This collection key word is multifunctsionality. Colors are inspired by 70s roller disco while patterns and shapes are inspired by Mexican interior design. “LEg GOdt” collection one bearing idea is to promote technical era in clothing design. That’s why all the clothes and pockets are fasten by magnets which means you can change the pockets placement or even change them with different jackets or dresses. I have also used effect fabrics, which carry futuristic line in themselves. In this collection I have used leather, faux-fur and knitwear. All the leather techniques are hand made. 

Supervisors: Piret Puppart, Margariita Teeääre III kursus 2016.a

Photo: Gregor Jürna MUAh: Danna Eeskivi

Models: Kertu Kivisik, Grethe Simonlatser, Liisa Grete Kask

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Posted by Marit Ahven