Speciality Project leader: Prof. Piret Puppart

Lectures & workshops: Lilli Jahilo (tambour beading), Janika Mägi (goldwork, Hand & Lock, London), Irene Gurjev (silk-sculpting), Toomas Volkmann

The goal of this project was to decode one’s own nature, introducing the old craft techniques and to combine them with a digitally produced (printed) self-portrait.

Self-discovery and understanding ourselves is the base knowledge for designer to develop his/her own style. The more we look inside us and ask the right questions, the clearer the vision we’ll have about ourselves, about our style.

Testing the link between the past haute couture craft techniques and futuristic technologies with digital printing came all together in a final lineup of 10 sets from which 1 outfit was produced to reflect the insight of the designer behind the set.

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke