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The annual Conference of EKA Doctoral School will take place on April 7th, 2022.

Please register by April 4th at the latest.

The conference will also be broadcast on EKA TV


09.45 Registration

10.00 Opening words, Dr. Anu Allas, Vice-Rector for Research, Head of Doctoral School

10.15 Lecture, EKA visiting Prof. Maarit Mäkelä (Aalto University)In dialogue with the environment: creativity, materials and making

11.05 Coffee break

Cultural Heritage and Conservation
Moderator Dr. Anneli Randla

11.20 Ulla Kadakas  About protection of archaeological heritage in Estonia from 1945 to 1965 (supervisors Dr. Riin Alatalu, Dr. Erki Russow). Discussant Kristiina Ribelus

12.00 Kadri Kallast Heritage Values in Urban Planning: the Authorized Heritage Discourse and Community Engagement (supervisors Dr. Anneli Randla, Prof. Kurmo Konsa). Discussant Sean Tyler.

12.40 Kristiina Ribelus  „Digitizing cultural heritage by citizen participation: creating a historic interior finishes and features database in Estonia“ (supervisors Prof. Hilkka Hiiop, Dr. Epi Tohvri). Discussant Ulla Kadakas.

13.20 Break

Architecture and Urban Planning
Moderator Dr Jüri Soolep

14.20 Sean Thomas Tyler Revisiting Landscape Architecture’s relationship to Stewardship: British Woodlands, Forests and Estates(supervisor Prof. Maroš Krivy). Discussant Kadri Kallast. 

Art History and Visual Culture
Moderator Prof. Krista Kodres

15.00 Hanno Soans  On the „Zarathustra-Cycle“ by Raoul Kurvits’’ (supervisor Dr. Katrin Kivimaa). Discussant Liisa-Helena Lumberg.

15.40 Liisa-Helena Lumberg Immediate and mediated experiences. Baltic German writings on art in the first decades of the 19th century (supervisor Prof. Krista Kodres). Discussant Hanno Soans.

Art and Design
Moderator Dr. Jaana Päeva

16.20 Gytis Dovydaitis „What is Space in Cyberspace? An Integrative Literature Analysis“ (new media art, exchange PhD student from Vytautas Magnus University). Discussant Dr. Jaana Päeva.

17.00 Coffee break


17.20 Tõnis Jürgens  „Contours of Sleep“ (supervisor Dr. Rolf Hughes). Discussant Gytis Dovydaitis.

18.00 Katrin Kabun  „Application possibilities of sheep wool according to the requirements of the circular economy system“ (supervisors Dr. Jüri Kermik, Prof. Andres Krumme). Discussant Dila Demir.

18.40 Arife Dila Demir „„Squeaky/Pain“: Cultivating Bodily Disturbing Experiences and Perspective Transition for Somaesthetic Interactions“ (supervisors Dr. Kristi Kuusk, Dr. Nithikul Nimkulrat). Discussant Katrin Kabun.

19.20 Conclusive comments, Dr. Anu Allas

For more information:
Kadri Kallast
Janika Turu

Conference is supported by European Regional Development Fund

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