Raja residency is an open studio for contemporary artists, supporting the artistic interchange, evoking various possibilities for individual working and cooperation between artists. Raja studio complex is shared by a number of individual artists, members of the Estonian Sculptors Union and students of Estonian Academy of Arts. Residency is offering possibilities for different 3D art practices and therefore the focus is more on the artists who work with installation art and sculpture.

Artists in residency have the possibility to cooperate with the art institutions and artists from different generations and get into the active dialogue with the local art scene. Workshops, artist talks, studio visits, lectures, master classes etc are highly welcomed. There is a good possibility to linkage to the programme of Estonian Academy of Arts and give selective courses to BA and MA students or tutoring or reviewing the MA graduates. The studio complex has various technical possibilities for practicing 3D artist – there are workshops of metal casting, woodworking, welding, moulding plastic, as well as modelling studio, installation studio, monumental studio. There is a capacious inner court for outside working and a small garden outside the building.
Raja residency is created to give possibility to share the experience between artists from different backgrounds and generations, and make the best use out of the monumental building that was established for sculptors at the beginning of 1970-s.
There are two craftsmen of EKA Installation and Sculpture Department working at the studios daily, giving the resident the possibility to get a technical advises or aid with their projects.
The residency is half an hour bus drive away from the city centre and situates in the beautiful pine forest area.
Artist in residence would have a small apartment to stay, with kitchen corner and toilet/shower room. Guest artist is welcome to use all the studio spaces and workshops.There is wifi at the apartment. Artist can use the phone from the art academy office.

More information and contact:

Kirke Kangro:
Taavi Talve:

Artists in residency

James Prevett (United Kingdom) – September 2016

Jan Lütjohann (Germany)April 2014

Gabo Camnitzer
(USA- Sweden)March 2014

Peter Ellis (Great Brittain) – November 2013

Volker Buchgraber
(Austria) – April – June 2013

Jacob Jessen (Denmark) – January 2013

Ólafur Gíslason (Iceland) – October 2012

Augustas Serapinas (Lithuania) – June 2012

Armands Zelchs (Latvia) – November 2011

Eric Fuertes (Texas, USA)- January 2011

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