“Signals from the Periphery: Alternative Practices of Graphic Designers” (Edited by Elisabeth Klement and Laura Pappa)

“Signals from the Periphery” brings together urgent developments in graphic design with a focus on works that surpass traditional forms and media of graphic design.

All contributions in the book are authored by graphic designers or people whose practice is in one way or another linked to the discipline. Some of the topics covered in the book include education, self-organization, work, technology, storytelling and much more.

Authors: Åbäke, Phil Baber, Paul Gangloff, François Girard-Meunier, Rudy Guedj, Bardhi Haliti, Marguerite Humeau, Tim Hunkin, Elisabeth Klement, Mathew Kneebone, Knock! Knock! Books, Laura Pappa, Partia e Fortë, Mirjam Reili.

176 pages, in English
Estonian Academy of Arts Press, 2017

ISBN 978-9949-594-37-5

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