Disainiteaduskonna avatud loeng/Open Lecture: Basia Szkutnicka, Love & the Secret of Good Design

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14. novembril kl 15.00 toimub Disainiteaduskonna nahakunsti osakonna kutsel avatud loeng “Love& the Secret of Good Design”, mille peab inglise disainer Basia Szkutnicka. Loeng toimub inglise keeles ja kõik huvilised on oodatud!

What’s ‘good’ design?
It’s so hard to be original.
We’re saturated, don’t we need less, so why design more?
How can we evolve truly unique ideas?
Should ‘good design’ be commercial or could it provide escapism and tempt us to ‘fly’ ?
We’ll examine, contradict, deconstruct, agree and disagree.

You’ll understand how a true designer thinks and be provided with tools to unravel idea generation and creativity as a process, which may then be applied to any design field.

Suitable for: Designers / Students, wanting to become a designer

About Basia Szkutnicka

Susie Menkes described her graduation collection as ‘a breath of fresh air’ in 1988.

Basia has in the last 25 years worked as a freelance design / creative consultant, forecaster, writer, commentator, course director, fashion design educator and run her own label, which provides her with a wealth of knowledge to pass on to this generation of designers to innovate and generate original work.

‘I teach reality, fashion ‘the way it is.

My aim is to excite, be realistic as well as fantastical, to re-energise and above all – wake people up.

Her books, ‘Technical Drawing for Fashion’ (an essential skill for any designer) and ‘Vintage Details: A fashion source book’, are available worldwide.

She is currently based in the UK and works as a freelance consultant. From January 2017, she will be based in Hong Kong as Professor of Practice (Fashion) at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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