Asmus Soodla in Uus Rada gallery

Uus Rada Galerii, Raja 11a

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Asmus Soodla’s solo exhibition “Standardised Lumber” opening event on the 15th of September at 6PM at Uus Rada gallery. 

“Standardised Lumber” provides a podium for the unnoticed – wood products that in their versatility serve the whole of human-made space. They are the instruments from which things are made and their value is mostly expressed only in the finished result. This exhibition shifts the focus from the result to the tools, analysing, illustrating and discovering unaltered wood products. The exhibition explores the transition between the natural material and the artificial product, and about society’s criteria for the means by which it creates space around itself.

Asmus Soodla is an artist, who in recent years has been mainly engaged in sculpture, installation and sound art. While his earlier work is mostly narrative-based and intertwined with dramatic elements, his recent projects, including “Standardised Lumber”, focus on isolated and direct concepts. Asmus studies Installation and Sculpture at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The exhibition will be open from 16th to 23rd of September at the Uus Rada gallery, Raja 11a.

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Posted by Andres Lõo

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