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For the coming issue of Artizein: Arts & Teaching Journal we seek contributions of authors who reflect on the triad of art, education, and the natural environment. In what ways can artistic practice be a way to connect to and learn about nature in its own right? What practices are currently ongoing worldwide and what experiences have been gained so far? Are there pedagogical underpinnings that can be articulated, and perhaps even a developing epistemology? And what would be the relevance of facilitating and further promoting of arts-based environmental education in an age of climate fear? Which challenges come up when participants, through art, are encouraged to open their senses more fully to the world, at a time when psychic numbing and cognitive dissociation seem to be the default mode of many people, faced with the overwhelming news of the scale of the ecological crisis?
Artizein would like to put forth an encouragement for not only papers, but alternative research and dissemination formats such as curriculum, presentations, artworks, interviews, videos, essays, and poetry from artists/teachers/researchers/theorists who use art to share/expose/teach/inquire into the messages from the environment/climate/Nature/ecology via the arts.
Deadline for papers: July 1, 2016
Target publish date: November, 2016
Submit general inquiries to: Jodi at
Submit editorial inquiries to: Jan van Boeckel at
In alignment with the mission of this issue, Artizein is happy to announce our 2016 guest editor to be Dr. Jan van Boeckel.
Dr. Boeckel is a Dutch anthropologist, Professor of Art Education at the Estonian Academy of Arts, visual artist, and filmmaker based in Estonia.

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Posted by Solveig Jahnke

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