Group exhibition “Wet Hearts of Everyday Thoughts”

Group exhibition “Wet Hearts of Everyday Thoughts”
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Starting from June 10, the group exhibition “Wet Hearts of Everyday Thoughts” will be open in Gallery Mihhail. The nomadic apartment gallery Mihhail will be located at Pae Street 57–39, Tallinn, and the exhibition is open by appointment.

The starting point of the exhibition “Wet Hearts of Everyday Thoughts” is, on the one hand, environmentally conscious gratitude for bodies of water as diverse habitats. On the other hand, the initial impulse of the exhibition is the posthumanist understanding of humans as aqueous beings whose life is dependent on water from birth to death. The exhibition brings together five artists whose works are linked by a common image—all of the works use a certain body of water or other liquid, in order to refer to personal thoughts and feelings related to various aspects of self-care, such as coping with emotional difficulties, pleasures, everyday rituals, and the embodied experience. The works on display talk about the relationship with oneself, one’s collective and the environment, and point out ways to make sense of one’s relationship with other living beings and bodies of water.

Participating artists: Anna Mari Liivrand, Heli Haav, Junny Yeung, Maryliis Teinfeldt-Grins and Sophie Durand
Curator: Brigit Arop
Graphic design: Sigrid Liira

The nomadic apartment gallery Mihhail, launched in Tallinn in the spring of 2016, is based on the motives of solidarity and communality. “Wet Hearts of Everyday Thoughts” is Mihhail’s sixth exhibition, which will bring the gallery space to the Lasnamäe district for the first time.

The exhibition is open by appointment until July 31.

Additional information: or call +372 5621 6259

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Posted by Andres Lõo

Faculty of Fine Arts