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“Loading Ceramics” presents the results of an international short residency of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Architecture 3DL and Department of Ceramics, which synthesizes critical spatial thinking with material and parametric additive layering technology.


The focus of collaborative robotic 3D printing of clay is targeted to the re-imagination and re-conceptualization of the ‘pillar’ of architecture – the long historical transformation of the support element is traceable in the built environment both directly in physical form and culturally in collaboration with the developments of other disciplines and technologies. In a simplified form, this quest can be summarized as the problem of minimizing and maximizing: how, in a situation where modern buildings require supporting structures that are as lightweight and easy to manufacture as possible, can we achieve a symbiosis of ideas that brings together all the disciplines involved in a comprehensive compound for this element, directing towards novel results? The aim is to (re)discover the hidden potentials of the (partly forgotten) support system in a contemporary context through experimental ceramic columns and pillars.


The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a thematic symposium highlighting the observations of the participating architects, designers, and artists. It will present the results of an international short-term residency of 3DL | Faculty of Architecture and Ceramics Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts, synthesizing critical spatial thinking with material and parametric layering technologies. The symposium will be chaired by Andres Kurg.

The symposium is in English.


The symposium “Keraamika kannab | Loading Ceramics takes place on Tuesday, September 12th at 14:00 on the 1st Floor and the subsequent exhibition opens at 16:00 on the 3rd floor of Estonian Architecture Museum.


Curators: Martin Melioranski, Lauri Kilusk

Co-curator: Varvara Guljajeva

Graphic Design: Cristopher Siniväli


Participants: Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet Solà, Raul Kalvo, Lauri Kilusk, Kaiko Kivi, Martin Melioranski, Sasha Serber, Paco Ernest Ulman, Markus Wikar


The exhibition and symposium is supported by the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia

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