Narratives from Prolonged Engagements

Photo: Aurelia Minev
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Exhibition ”Narratives from Prolonged Engagements”
Marta Konovalov

The exhibition ”Narratives from Prolonged Engagements” investigates our relationships with clothing and textiles from the perspective of mending with the aim to widen the boundaries of a garment’s use time and aesthetics.
Here the creative practice of Marta Konovalov is being displayed alongside narratives embodied in wear and repair. This act of repair contributes to a system for the clothes to live their own life in the hands of the user or multiple users, each adding up a new layer. There is more than sustaining the physical form – repairing something is also an act of love, care and personal healing.
This exhibition explores how layers of repair can increase the emotional durability of fashion and textiles. It is a part of doctoral research on the topic of “Repair and Regenerative textile Design” at Estonian Academy of Art.

Marta Konovalov is a designer, researcher and an educator in the field of regenerative design. She is a PhD student at the Estonian Academy of Arts. She currently makes mending visible in her creative practice with the aim to remind repair as a philosophy and inspire others towards the act of repair for prolonging the use phase of textile artefacts.

The exhibition takes place at the At Trash to Trend Stuudio, Müürivahe 17, Tallinn, Estonia from 14.11.-12.12.2023
A public textile repair workshop is being held with the exhibition on 9.12.2023
Peer review event: 20.11.2023 Info HERE.

Reviewers: Louise Ravnløkke PhD, Marium Durrani DA
Supervisors: Kristi Kuusk PhD, Julia Valle Noronha DA

Photo: Kärt Petser / Aurelia Minev
Exhibition design: Maarja Viiding & Marta Konovalov

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