“Plato’s Tent” and “Not Here and Not Quite There” at ARS

ARS, stuudio 53/98

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“Plato’s Tent” and “Not Here and Not Quite There” joint exhibition at ARS Art Factory 

ARS Art Factory Studio 53/98 17.05-19.05.2024 

Open Fri-Sun from 12:00 to 20:00 

Opening at 18:00 on 17th of May 

Animation and New Media students have listened, recorded, cut, transformed, visualized and installed sounds in Studio 53 and 98 in ARS Art Factory, officially opening the exhibition to the public at 18:00 on 17th of May. Works from 24 artists range from immersive audiovisual installations to delicate listening experiences, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources, including wildlife, mycelium growth, football stadium crowds, refracted glass, environmental shifts, squeaky toys, and technological intricacies. 

The works are presented in a joint exhibition made of two parts: the Animation MA’s alcove of abstracted visions “Plato’s Tent” (Studio 53), showing works that combine animation and sound, and the installations working with sites and “Not Here and Not Quite There” (Studio 98), featuring installations that explore sites and sounds from the New Media Sound Art 

studies module. The exhibition will be open for only three days, with extended viewing hours. 

The exhibition stems from two parallel courses focused on sound studies at EKA: ‘Sound Design’ at the Animation Department supervised by Bruno Quast and ‘Sound Art & Spatial Sound Experiments’ supervised by Sten Saarits, which is part of the Sound Art Connected Studies programme at New Media Arts. 

Artists: Ako Allik, Julia Virkki, Melina Unterhauser, Meret Stockhecker, Nils Geffre, Ott Kattel, Yiyang Sun, Chia-Hui Lei, Christopher Stephen Galinos, Leo Mourey, Lukas Wind, Melissa Noack, Shunyuan Yao, Valerie Sarle, Vilmos Peter, Lyza Karoly Jarvis Graphic design: Christopher Stephen Galinos 

The Exhibition is kindly supported by the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian Artists’ Association for their support. 

Free admission 

ARS: https://www.arsfactory.ee/ 

EKA Animation: https://www.artun.ee/en/curricula/animation/ 

EKA New Media: https://www.artun.ee/en/curricula/new-media/ 

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